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  1. 1. Visit Japan
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  2. 2. learn to fight
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  3. 3. Pass French
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  4. 4. see the Strokes in concert
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  5. 5. kiss on a rollercoaster
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  6. 6. get a passport
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  7. 7. Skydive
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  8. 8. win at the internet
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  9. 9. Take a deep breath
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  10. 10. fall head over heels in love
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  11. 11. meet otep
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  12. 12. be kickass at DDR
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  13. 13. learn to say i love you in every language
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  14. 14. touch and be touched
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  15. 15. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
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dye my hair an unnatural color
Wooo, pink

I’ve had my hair enough odd colors to form a veritable rainbow, but it’s been about two years since that period. Sooo over February vacay I ran to Sally Beauty, picked up a color remover, a bleach kit, and a couple of jars of Manic Panic, and let the torture commence. As my hair is dyed black, the ends of what I bleached wound up this sort of horrid orange color, as was to be expected, and the roots were the blonde I had hoped for- didn’t apply heat, stupid mistake. :|

Anyway, I used Manic Panic’s Hot Hot Pink over the bleached bits, and the result is nothing short of delicious. The roots, as I said, were better bleached so they’re quite bright- but this is what you get when you put that particular dye over ginger hair (check the pic)

Get my nose pierced.
Hoo boy :]

So um. I’m gonna do this on Saturday, plus two more holes in each earlobe. It’s gonna be sweet :]

I’ve been wanting to get a facial piercing for so long now, so when I found out I’m getting one done for my birthday, I was ecstatic, haha. But I’ve been a lil’ (read: a lot) nervous since I found out. Still, no second thoughts, so I know I really want it :]

Dye my hair black

Dyed it black last night… it’s gorgeous :D

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