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is feeling really grateful for all the miricles in my life

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run a successful business (read all 25 entries…)
Extra Staff on board.

I now have two dedicated loyal employees working with me, i’m really excited about the future prospect of the business. The workload for myself is also reduced which is good. I’ve received one of my cheques and am waiting for the other in the mail. My dedication is finally paying off.

Practice Gratitude (read all 28 entries…)
Things i'm excited about right now!
*The bunnies have had babies again, the snowy one is so cute!
*My business is finally picking up and i’ve made in excess of £5000 this month! woohoo..
*I’m spending quality time with my boyfriend watching movies and i’m so lucky to be with the true love of my life.
  • I’m managing to keep on top of the housework, despite all my demands and i’m feeling very loved by my friends who are supporting me dearly.
    *I’m really lucky to live in a beautiful home that’s cozy and i’m managing to maintain despite high expenses. Thankyou god so much for my life.

run a successful business (read all 25 entries…)
Things are going absolutely Wonderfully!

I’m having great success with the business at the moment. I’ve managed to get £6756.25 in for the business inc vat. After expenses i obviously don’t earn this much, but what a success! I’m looking forward to getting more money in for the business next month. It’s really boosted my confidence getting this contract in. I’m taking taxi’s to work at my friends house everyday, but it’s really worth it, considering the return. My outgoings are still really high, a couple more clients though and cashflow should be on track where it needs to be!

Record the magic moments of my life (read all 11 entries…)
The roof is caving in...

It’s 17:26pm and as i sit here watching murder she wrote and journalling, i reflect on my day. After being woken up at 5pm by the roof caving in, i’ve not got too much done today. I feel so unrested considering how much time off i’ve had this week. I’ve got to call the insurance company but aren’t sure if i should touch the plasterboard incase it has aspestos in it. I’m sure i have been somewhat effected by it if this is the case. My cat also decided to jump in it this morning.

I also managed to stub my toe which was throbing the entire night.It was lovely though to speak to my boyfriend who is away at a poker tournament. Despite our troubles we have had lately due to him wanting to spend time with his ex girlfriends, i’ve missed him dearly. I wasn’t too comfortable with him spending his evening with the other women poker players, but i do trust him.

The bunnies are running around the hutch this morning. They have opened their eyes and are so fluffy and cuddly. I really love spending time with them, but have decided the next course of action is neutering. I’ve a problem with the bins at the moment due to the quantity of waste they produce also and i find that one collection a week is not enough.

I think it’s good that i feel this disatisfaction in all areas of my life at the moment, it means that there is room for me to improve and grow vastly to the next level of psychology and understanding. My finances, my business life, my spiritual life, relationships and my health are all on the verge of capzising. However i’ve decided today to take a real look at where things are going and what my plan is for myself so that i can improve each of these areas.

Last night i spent with my sister. It was good to meet up with my dad and have a beer and to have chinese with my sister and her boyfriend. We watched news of the world and the night was rushed to an end with my mother wanting me to leave so she could get an early night. My sister has invited me round again tonight, but i’m so lacking in energy. I can bearly be bothered to move. I’m struggling with the housework at the moment and the building is falling down.

I’ve suffered another personal tradedy the other evening and i dont’ think that there is much else that could go wrong, unless they repossess my house and make me bankrupt. Despite this weight on my shoulders, i’m still fighting on. Although alot of my books will tell me that i need to practice the law of least effort, not the law of most resistance! It’s a struggle when you feel so alone in things. I’ve missed writing on 43 things and pursuing my goals and keeping them in mind and i think this is really important in life to keep things on an even keel and my base line of hapiness where it should be.

My friend who i’ve been working with has now got a job so i need to get a dvd player so that i can play my office cd and work 9-12 noon which is the only time i have available at the moment due to my other full time job. I do however have wednesdays off to get a full day in where required. I’m sure that i can get a contract in this month, but it’s hard when i’m feeling so down in myself.

I am grateful however that i still have my house, for my kittens who are a constant source of joy, the man in my life whom i love with all my heart who always comforts me and makes me feel secure even when we are struggling with things. I’m lucky my brother is staying with me helping with the mortgage and i’m looking forward to my friends birthday party shortly. It will be nice to get out of the house and socialize some.

dance (read all 8 entries…)
The key to a good life is good health,...

As of tommrow i intend to start my day with 30 minutes dance and a vitamin drink before having a nice cup of tea and fruit or toast for breakfast!. This is so important to me now, as i’m putting on weight slightly.

Practice Gratitude (read all 28 entries…)
My day..things i've appreciated..

What’s great about today – was the morning Sunshine and a cozy home snuggling up to my boyfriend after having a fight yesterday, realising that he means more to me than anything material that my relationship is so significant to me.

Taxis to work – i’ve loved being able to live i luxury. I dont’ consider them an expense, more a comfortable neccesity.
My animals and newborn baby rabbits opening their eyes and their cute furryness.

making phone calls on my business- managing 30 and getting one guy interested in going ahead. I need to send him some follow up literature which i’ve not done yet however, but i will. progress!

spending time with my friends- i’m working with my best friend, he’s helping me psychologically to run my business and my boyfriend is very supportive of my relationship with him. I’m lucky things are like this as he is very trusting with me.

pizza with my brother and his girlfriend – didn’t like the stuffed crust with alternative mozerella, but the company was great. time flew quickly this evening as we all watched tv together. It was good to enjoy my regular program like eastenders without the channel being turned over.

Record the magic moments of my life (read all 11 entries…)
Reflection 9th September 2008.

This year has gone so fast. I can’t believe how far i’ve come since the beginning of the year. I’ve learnt that money magnifys who you are. When i have money, i have a calm relaxing nature and i’m on top of the world generally. I live in peace and tranquility, spend alot of time meditating and in my sprirtuality. I’ve also learnt that in my poverty, i am stressed, insecure to be around, snappy, difficult, rushed and unkind. I’ve come to the conclusion that great wealth will bring love, and that poverty is not for me.

As for this evening, it’s 00:02 and im sat in my house. The new litter of bunnies was born recently after being conceived on around the 25th to the 27t of July. I wasn’t planning this litter, but the kids let one of my male rabbits out and he managed to get three of the does pregnant. They are around 13 days old now. They are just beginning to open there eyes which is really sweet. I’ve not yet held them as i don’t want to disturb them or their mother, but i have made sure they are okay. It was abit daunting having to remove some dead kits which one of the mother had abandoned. In total there are eight babies which survived and around 8 that died. I’ve decided that i’m going to get them all neutered save this happening again.

Today i woke late after making a spagetti bolognaise for my boyfriend and my brother. I really enjoyed this. My brother moved in on the 14th of last month and has painted his room and is rather artistic. He has done work for audi and is looking to go into proffesional graphic illustration. It’s nice to have him around. My boyfriend is staying at his brothers tonight and giving me my space as i’m running a business with my friend in the week and we need to be on top form for this.

I managed to get 30 calls completed today and my friend has bought me an office cd to make our business sound more large and thriving, as we are only small. He is also helping me with mailshots and going to make some calls after he has listened to what i do with calls. I’ve alot of lead generation that he can do for me. This month we need only one or two clients. However ideally i would like to get 2 or more per week as we have two people doing this business i think this is reaslistic. Personally one client per week is sufficient for my cashflow requirements.

Tonight i’m really grateful for my little tabby cat, she comes up to me and snuggles me when i sit down and relax and all my animals show me constant affection and love. It’s lovely to be surrounded by a living breathing environment. Although on the other hand it’s a constant cleaning job. I’m thinking about culling everything that is in the way, even paperwork i’ve been holding onto and meaning to read, i think i will clear out. Clearing the clutter is so freeing. This is one of my most important tasks this week. I’ve bought a new hutch so i can put my indoor rabbits outdoors which solves one of my many challenges i’m currently having.

Figure out what's most important in my life now (read all 6 entries…)
I'm not sure what to do at the moment about this...

I’ve got a little lost in the world of things to do that i’ve forgotten what it is i’m trying to achieve. When i think quickly whats important to me, i know my relationship, my business, my animals, my health and my spirituality are priorities. At the moment i’m working in a company that isn’t really compatible with my values. To change this situation. I need to start looking for a new job, work on my business consistently in the mornings. I think that i need to keep my health, spirit and meditation as a focus in the mornings before i get up and also keeping my environment clean. I notice i’m really uncomfortable if things are untidy and uncomfortable around me. I think environment shapes human charactor more than we would care to think.

I’ve realised that i want to delve deeper into psychology and immerse myself around people of a compassionate nature. The company you hold is ultimately what you become as you adopt similar values. I don’t want to change the values i have. I feel i’ve grown so much and need to find an environment that will support who i am now but allow me to change in positive ways. I think that i can find growth through reading. I’ve neglected this lately and yet it’s one of my highest values and also in expression and writing my journal and on forums.

On a social level, i’d like to network more on a business level and spend more time with like minded people and develop a social circle i trust. In terms of what is important to me now i want to setup and run my own riding school. Having looked into this i realise it’s not as out of reach as i intitially thought. I’ve always wanted to work with horses and now i have figured out the path to this through my business knowledge. I want to become a proffessional horse trainer and ultimately have my own livery and teach at high level. This is going to take years of work if i go down the college route, but with the money from my business, it’s much more achievable.

Practice Gratitude (read all 28 entries…)
Music to lift your soul...

Today something amazing i’ve revealed to myself is the power of music. I’m astounded at how amazing i feel listening to trance music and also rock. It’s a great emotional release and high and complements dance which i feel i should be doing daily, but aren’t right now. I’m so grateful that i’m finally relearning what musics i like and complement my spirit.

I’m thankful for my increase in financial abundance. I asked the universe and it has and is delivering great wealth and oppotunity to me, not just in terms of pounds, but in satisfaction also. I’m working in a company now where i feel free. I’m also running my business for myself, my gift for me, i’m so grateful for this.

I’m so happy about my relationship. I love my boyfriend so much. We have become much closer over the past few months, he’s started to acknowledge me more and respect my wishes. I love watching our relationship grow and flourish. Like a flower, with water it grows and when we get abit distracted, it wilts. It’s great to reconnect and bring our passion and spark back to life.

I’m enjoying this new music site that my boyfriend has designed it’s absolutely wicked!

I’m grateful i’m able to get out and about more and socialise and meet new people.

Keep a daily "Done" List (read all 15 entries…)
Things i've done today...
  • Cleaned out my indoor rabbits
  • Cleaned the cat litter out
  • Hoavered the house up
  • Caught the train home from a friends
  • Reiki Healing
  • Cleaned the kitchen up
  • Bought noto organiser
  • Sorted out what needs to be done tommorow
  • Organised my cashflow- Reviewed situation
  • Cleaned the living room up
  • My journal

Nurture my relationship with my boyfriend (read all 12 entries…)
Cleaning the house...

I’ve cleaned up the house for my boyfriend for him to invite his mates over. It’s something i know he appreciates as his mood is heavily influenced by his environment, as is mine actually so this benifits us both. I’m also giving my boyfriend alot more space and quietude which i know he appreciates and needs. I bought a book today why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps, it unveils the male pysche pretty accurately. I’m sure some men do listen. I know that i can’t read a map very well :))

Practice Reiki (read all 2 entries…)
Soothing Away my migraine...

Tonight i’ve suffered so badly with migraine. I know that alot of illness is psychological and reiki treats the cause not just the illness. After doing a good hour hands on treatment session. I feel a little better. Not 100% as it was a really intense migraine, but from not being able to turn the lights on or move and feeling sick to being able to sit in the light feeling almost recovered is a great improvement. I did a full body treatment and think the best thing now for this is sleep. Sleep is a great healer, i’m not sure there is a better subsititute sometimes.

Visit my family & friends (read all 2 entries…)
A weekend with our friends...

It’s 13:25 and having just got back from a great party this weekend. I’m feeling pretty tired. The weather is beautiful and the sun is shining and it was funny to get back home to find the kids looking over at my rabbits in the garden and next doors cat laying out with them. She’s a tabby. Initially i thought that she was a cat that had travelled into the garden which was unknown and was wary, but i’ve found out subsequently that she’s a freindly cat and no risk to the bunnies survival which is reassuring.

We arrived at our friends place in leeds on friday afternoon and went out round some pubs as one of our friends is moving location. I love the atomosphere in leeds it’s so relaxing. The city seems to have it’s own unique charactor. It was a great evening with lot of entertainment and after having missed the train on saturday we arrived home today. I’ve still been meaning to get round to seeing some of my close friends, i’m sure i will when the workload eases off a little. It’s been like a holiday for me getting away and having some chillout time and socializing. Definately will be doing this again soon. I love that everything is surrounded by water.

run a successful business (read all 25 entries…)
Where am i now? Weekly Review??? Progress update.

Having worked on the business for the last six months and finally having to take on a couple more jobs to support my livelyhood due to the extreme financing it required. I’m now feeling like working on the business again. For quite some time because of my obligations and the pressure it was putting on me, i found it very difficult to deal with the worries that come along with being a business owner.

Now i have new concerns. It’s the end of the month and i really need to ramp up the work i’m putting into the business so that i may gain one new client. This is all i really need to live on. Left in July i have 3 Mornings next week to gain some interest. Providing i have a 10% conversion. I can possibly gain one sale with the 12 hours that i have left. Although i’m reluctant to work given that i’m working 14 hours daily on my other two jobs on tuesday, thurs, friday and saturday. This still gives me monday, tuesday and wednesday to put some calls in.

Heal (read all 7 entries…)
Spent some time on healing sites tonight...

It’s been difficult confronting some of my deep rooted issues about certain pains of the past. Tonight i worked a little on this. I found it a little too much and had to stop after 5 minutes. I’m going to try spending a little time healing my problems. I think though one of the keys to healing is being grateful, not neccesarily a focus on your problems.

Heal (read all 7 entries…)
Alot of Reiki...

When i get chance i practice healing. Either through reiki or meditation. Placing my hands over my feet in the bath is so soothing and comforting especially after long 15 hour days. I am practicing meditation also for a few moments. I always tell myself that i have a few moments for me any time i need it. I confirm to my everyday mind that trys to rush me through my day, that it’s important for me to take a moment for myself to be and to rejuvenate and look after myelf. Healing is part of my destiny, not only for myself but i realise for others. It’s important for me that i’ll be able to help others with my knowledge also. I feel very lucky that i have a deep understanding of what it is to heal. I’ve been through many different stages of healing and to me life is very much a healing journey of self discovery. I’m very much enjoying this exploration and also learning the wisdom of others through books. I’ve bought alot of books on quantum healing i mean to get round to reading and the power of healing with belief. Healing is a very beautiful thing.

run a successful business (read all 25 entries…)
1 hour daily = 20 leads a month = 1 sale

Even with a minimal amount of work with the type of business i’m running i have potential to earn alot. I think that each day i should devote as much time as i can to my business, but atleast one hour for me. It may or may not work, but for me i think that i should give this to myself. I’ve already proven that i can be successful in running my own business, now i just need to take further action on my goal. I am going to ask my boss at one job if i can work on saturday instead wednesday every week as i really don’t want to have saturday off work, especially when i’ll be working at the club anyway.

As for this week. It’s tuesday tommorow and i intend to get up at 9, be ready to work by 10:30am and work for 2 hours before leaving to my other job. I plan to leave for my next job at 12:30am to arrive at 1pm and work until 8pm and then leave my insurance job to return home before leaving again at 9:30pm to work at the nightclub for 6 hours. Totalling 15 hours tommorow. I got an email from one of my clients who wants to know further information so i will email them first thing.

Tommorow on the business i plan to get two businesses interested in my services and send out documents to them. I will request the contracts that i need on the same day rather than let them spend weeks deciding. I’m cold calling so it’s difficult, but i’m very good generally, despite feeling a little immoral when partaking in it. I think this is one of my main problems. I have an issue with the morality of sales. However tommorow i intend to offer my services for the knowledge that i have without any intention of gain.

Practice Gratitude (read all 28 entries…)
A nice evening out..
  • Today i was really happy to see the movie hancock with my boyfriend, it was lovely snuggling up together and being together as i’ve been working alot of late.
  • I’m enjoying my two new jobs and i’m very thankful i’ve been given the oppotunity to improve my fianances substantially.
  • I’m thankful to god for all the little creatures i look after. I love my animals so much.
  • I’m grateful for my home which is so cosy and i feel so safe in and to the mortgage company for giving me some leway with my payments.
  • It was good to talk to my little bro today who is moving in our home. He is going to help me with my outgoings which is good.
  • I’m grateful for my books, i love reading. To me to read is to live fully, to delve deep into a good book full of wisdom.
  • I’m thankful to my body for keeping me going the last few days as i’ve worked for 55 hours this week with very little time for me.
  • Hot baths have been glorious, relaxing me and it’s been great to do some reiki to relax especially on my feet after a long days work.

turn my life around (read all 2 entries…)
Getting there...

I’ve a new job working at the local nightclub. I’ve a full time job in insurance. I’m also running my own business when i can get the hours in and ive been offered enough overtime to save my home from being repossed. I’ve got an arrangement on the arrears of my mortgage to pay £92.50 a month which has helped immensely with my financial problems this month.

run a successful business (read all 25 entries…)
Stuggling with insecurity making calls

This morning i made one call. It took me so long to get the confidence to make this follow up call, only to find that the prospect had already sorted his situation. I really put this lead on a pedestal and expected so much out of it and within seconds it meant nothing to me anymore. I’d spent all week worrying about making these calls, only to find that my leads are so easy to go cold, even if i have high expectations.

I’ve realised that i have to work now with no expectation of the outcome of these leads. I just need to put love and kindness into my calls, do the right thing and know that my position is to help others, if i get rewarded it will be through consistent effort in making the calls, not in the energy i put into any given lead. I’ve been doing little, with lots of effort, but i think that i need now to make more calls and go for volume.

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