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Hello again

I cant believe. It is almost 4 years, since I stopped. Not smoking, but writing to 43things. Meanwhile I had some rough time. Setback in my industry, one of my companies gone down (I had two, both micro), my financial status gone from good to poor and last but not least, I had a not-so-friendly divorce.
Yes, many things happened over last few years, so quitting smoking was not my main goal.
Luckily, I’m starting over. Business is going better from month to month, my children love me, although their mother tells them only bad things about me, I have manage to organize my life in new frames so it’s time. To start over.
Today (Sunday) I’m devoting all day to only one purpose: Prepare to quit smoking. With help of meditation, yoga and some DVD’s I can start. I’m writing also here and on my private file all the ideas and thoughts about quitting.
It’s time for my second DVD and then meditation.
Only 2 cig’s in a pack left. I wont buy another package.
More tomorrow.
Be well, all who have similar goals.

Quit Smoking (read all 11 entries…)
Day 2

Drinking 3-5 cups of tea instead of coffe, thats okay. Still not smoking. Bravo me! Thanks to 43T members for support, please continue!!

Quit Smoking (read all 11 entries…)
Starting again, Day 1

Now I’m encouraged by some audio tapes of Brian Tracy and will try again. This morning I feel enthusiastic and will try to smoke on a day by day basis for next 3 weeks (=21 days). No Zyban, no nicorette, just my old willpower. I’m very certain to succeed!

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