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  1. 1. get buff
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  2. 2. Get my nose fixed!
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  3. 3. get a piercing
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  4. 4. run a 5 minute mile
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  5. 5. Make new friends
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  6. 6. travel
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  7. 7. move to Canada
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  8. 8. finish reading all the books I own
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  9. 9. Run the London marathon
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  10. 10. learn to cook better
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  11. 11. do a bungee jump
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  12. 12. parachute
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  13. 13. see more plays
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run a 5 minute mile (read all 11 entries…)
Long time, no update.

Things came to an abrupt halt late last summer when i wrecked my ankle with a fall at work. I dropped a few feet down a manhole jamming my heel into a crevice. With the extra weight of what i was carrying this drove my heel far into the cleft and my foot was forced up at a ridiculous angle.. crushing soft tissues around the joint. Swelled up like a bast and never quite returned to normal, but i did get back to full training fitness around the turn of this new year. Mile times now are around 5.30/40 but i’ve been doing more circuit training than anything to hammer the cardio.

run a 5 minute mile (read all 11 entries…)
Not yet..

Managed half a mile then another third or so at 4m57 pace. Need to start working on intervals a bit more i think, and perhaps try to increase the ‘regular’ mile speed i do.. say from 17.5 to 18, which would be 5.22.

run a 5 minute mile (read all 11 entries…)

Might give this a shot tomorrow. Have been training quite hard this last week or two and will by then have had two days rest. Humidity and heat are a big factor in this..

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