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Get Gerard Ways autograph

I’m sending a letter to MCR, and I’m hoping to get it back soon, but in, when they say include a photo, what do they mean? lol… a photo of them? can i get it from the computer? i dont have any posters cuz my parents arent able to get me to hottopic, and they dont trust the internet on my computer (beleiving ive been hacked) to buy one online… so are printed out posters okay? lol… idk

become successful
Have a great life

I wanna be a :
(in order of preference)
Portrait Artist as a part time job XD

and have a loving husband, two girls, Raven and Luna, one son, Darren, and a cat named Midnight.

And have lots of money, cause I want life to be perfect XD

have a lucid dream

I want Frank Iero to be in my dream… and I would have total control over myself… who knows what I would do… lol… like… I would sit there an draw portraits of him all day till I get one right!! and make him sign everyone of them!! And then I would realize that it was a waste of time… and then I’d hug him :) no inappropriateness… lol…just hugs XD

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