go camping again
getting ready, but having some set backs.

I got all my supplies together, and good a really good spot near the water in the valley between two mountains. theres great opportunities for hiking, fishing, swimming, rock collecting, hackeysack, a warm fire, and star gazing, but there have been mountain lion sightings. fml.

find someone to spend the rest of my life with

its definitely easier to find that person than it is to keep them, just appreciate what you have when you get what you want, and never take it for granted.

move out

one key piece of advice: make a budget and stick to it! make sure it includes saving money as well as bills and money to have fun, it can be a struggle, but is definitely worth it, even if you don’t succeed at least you’ll know what to do differently next time.

learn to play guitar
found a teacher...

starting with the basics, I know how to play a chord now. =)

Earn forgiveness
you can't change the past

lets face it everyone makes mistakes, unfortunately sometimes the consequences are extremely undesirable, and we must live with this. I may not be able to change my past or correct my mistakes, but I find comfort in the lessons I’ve learned from some of my poor decisions, for I will not make the same mistakes in the future. I may stumble and fall along the way, but I’ll keep picking myself back up. every fast is a new day and therefore an opportunity for me to keep moving forward, not dwelling on the past.



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