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So I’ve been slacking on the wing progress :P sorry. I got really into mermaids all of a sudden. I went to the beach during spring break and I realized the pull of the sea easnt as strong as it was when I was a child. It made me kinda sad. Like the magic from childhood has faded. But to counter that, my sweet 16 is gonna be fairy themed! Have I said this already? I hope not. Anyways, it’s gonna be like forest fairy/water fairy/ flower fairy/ animal fairy type stuff taht you’d find deep in the forest, not the uber pink and sparkly 5 yr old kinda fairies. Anyone got any ideas for the invitations? I wanted it to be real formal, like an invitation to a ball. I wish I could invite all of you! It’s gonna be so cool! Eveyrthing’s all light up and stuff, and I’m making everyone wings that can be decorated with paint and stuff! Also wreaths and bracelets and anklets. Would you rather decorate your own stuff or have it premade? Lemme know!

I’m not on here just for advice, I just missed talking, but I strayed from being really set on wings. Probably because I realized it was going to be a lot harder than I realized a few years ago, and my life at home got better. But I was on a plane twice over my break and I imagined flying through the clouds and oh gosh it just look my breath away. I still want wings, but just not as bad. The risks may outweigh the… the good parts, for lack of a better word. That’s me personally, anyways. Don’t let my opinions deflate any of your resolutions! If you’ve got your hearts set on wings, then by all means, go for it!

Oh, and the reason I was at the beach and in a plane was cause my church was doing a mission trip to the Dominican Repubic and it was MAGNIFICENT. I’m usually not one for charity, but we gave food to really poverty stricken areas and played with a buncha kids and stuff, and everyone there (the church people and the Dominicans) were super nice. I even made some friends! And that’s really hard for me! It wasn’t all that great coming back after the trip, but I’m gonna be looking forward to next year!!!

So yeah, that’s an update on what’s going on in my life. Oh, and my butt muscles hurt. I’ve been working out so I can cosplay dudes with beautimous muscles (mostly abs) and I learned 2 new workouts and so my muscles are super sore now, haha. I gotta get ripped by September. Wish me luck!

grow wings (read all 982 entries…)
Hehe, I didn't mean to forget about this site... Again...

Yo! What’s up, guys? How’s it hangin? Did I miss anything super duper huge? Eh, I bet not… Except for Cheshire! I admire your boldness. I wouldn’t be able to tell my parents anything like that if I were in such a situation :P Je suis tres tres proud de toi! (Mon francais est parfait le lolz)

I realized I hadn’t been on here in a while, so I decided to stop by and say hey.



I started reading Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater (I think). It’s SO. GOOD. I WILL MARRY THIS BEAUTIFUL AUTHOR ONE DAY HER WRITING IS GORGEOUS. All of you should go read it now. Just drop everything you’re doing and go read it. I also drew a whole bunch! I was gonna try to scan it all, but my printer can’t scan my drawings without me having to take them out of my journals, so I’m just gonna take pics and hope it looks alright! Tell me what you think! I’m kind of a little bit obsessed with mermaids and fairies ^^

So this first picture is the one I love most of all. I think it turned out a lot better than I even hoped! I wish the quality was better sigh If I figure out how to work the stupid handheld scanner, I’ll post them again! The rest of my drawing are in the comments!

grow wings (read all 982 entries…)
Just an update

So I watched Juno just now! Yeah, I’m a little late, but I watched the speech the actress gave yesterday (I think) and I just felt like watching it sooo…. I did. I’m in North Carolina right now, any soon-to-be-winged people here? I came to see this Christian speaker speak at a nearby church after my mom listened to her in my hometown (I think that’s what you’d call it… I mean, I moved a bunch when I was a kid but that’s where I settled) and she asked me if I wanted to see her here and I said yes. It was pretty awesome!I don’t wanna sound cheezy or anything, but I would encourage yall to go see someone speak. It’s a pretty cool experience. And they usually have free food and coffee andstuff, so if you need a bribe…

Onto wing progress! My back’s been hurting frequently lately. Kinda like an ache. I think I just have bad sitting posture, but I dunno. Also, my knees have been hurting, and so have the knuckles on my fingers. Maybe the nourishment is going to my wings? Not all of it, obviously, but some. So maybe the rest of my body is getting weaker. Sure feels like it, hehe.

Hmm, other than that, I’m still…boring :3 I’m tumblring and fangirling over yaoi and Zack Fair harder than ever! I’m gonna be at Sukoshi Con! Well, I’m planning on it, anyways. I’m gonna try to go as Misaki from Junjo ROmantica, but the wig might end up getitng here at the same day as this one day convention and I can’t stand half-trying cosplays, so I may just go as Esmerelda. Now I really wish I didn’t lop off most of my hair…. Oh, that reminds me! I might get my ears pierced! I mean, I already have my lobes pierced, but I’m talking about like a cartilidge piercing. Anyone here know Luxord from Kingdom Hearts? You know the little silver hoops he has high up in his ears? I’m gonna try to get piercings like that, only just in my right ear. Then maybe I’ll wear an earring in my lobes or something, too, but I dunno. We’ll see. Any suggestions? I want it to look nice, but also super simple. I’m also thinking of getting my hair cut like Haru-chan’s, from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. I’m kinda tired of looking ‘cute’. My hair’s kinda curly and about shoulder length, and I’ve got bangs that grew out a bit into sorta side bangs (too long for the first, too short for the latter), I’m gonna grow out my bangs a bit more and then maybe decide. I don’t think it’ll look that bad. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m probably this tsudere type girl – or whatever you call it when someone’s an extrovert who can be a little mean and definitely loud and maybe annoying and a bit weeboo-ish, but then is all cutsey and shy when senpai notices me. But I doubt I’d be like that. I don’t wanna be a top, but I’m probably not gonna blush and look down at my feet. No, me, I’d trip over them and stutter and probably go beet red and say something reeeaaally stupid that’d make you think twice! And I feel no embarassment (ok, maybe a little) telling you all this because I;ve probably lost most who’d care too much by now, none of yall really know me all that well, and did I mention it’s kinda late and I’ve been lazing around all day so my brain might be derping? I swear, I need like a beeper in my brain to tell me when to shut up…

Anyways, it’s a big big big day tomorrow! I’ve gonna spend hours in the car while my mom drives us all back home. ANd then I gotta pray to God getting piercings don’t hurt that bad. My sister got this lady practically sent from heaven and my sis didn’t even feel any pain! She said it was a bit of pressure and then it was done. Like a scene from a book:

“Just do it already!”
“Alright, alright…”
“Come on, hurry!”
“It’s done!”

Like getting a shot! Only, the piercing person’s not lying!

Anyways, I digress. Not that I was talking about anything in particular to start out with… Good luck with your wings, guys! And good luck with all your personal struggles, too. It sucks that almost no one’s got it all together, sometimes not even because of their own choices or actions, and so I’ll just pray for it to clear up for yall cause I love all of you :) I don’t want any of you to feel bad about anything! runs through 43 things throwing flower pedals everywhere happiness for everyone!

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