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  1. 1. meet yoshizawa hitomi
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  2. 2. i want to be yoshizawa hitmoi's friend
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  3. 3. Learn Japanese
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  4. 4. Graduate with a 1st Class Honours
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  5. 5. go to a Hello! Project Concert
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  6. 6. Visit Japan again
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I want to go to Yoshizawa Hitomi's Graduation Concert in May 2007


go to a Morning Musume concert
Yoshizawa Hitomi Graduation Concert - 6th May 2007

OK i didn’t get to go to the evening concert but i went to the afternoon one. It was the most amazing experience ever, the sea of glowsticks was so touching.

Although Yossie was the size of an ant from my seat, i was still there and i still <3 her


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