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  1. 1. learn how to play chess
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  2. 2. write a book
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  3. 3. knit a proper Harry Potter scarf
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  4. 4. lose my virginity
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  5. 5. Visit Japan
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  6. 6. make a FF7:AC costume
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  7. 7. Get a tattoo
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  8. 8. become a Master Knitter
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  9. 9. become ambidextrous
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see Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Finally saw this...

Actually, I saw it about a week after it came out in Japan, just forgot about updating this entry. Was really really cool.

write a book

I’ve always had ideas that followed me in my mind; I constantly tell myself stories to stave away boredom. So writing a book has always been in the back of my mind.

National Novel Writing Month is just the kick to the rear I need to do this. November is the month they choose—I tried to do it myself in September, but it just didn’t work.

I’ve got the main idea, the main characters, and where I want this to go, but it’s going to be hard, I know that. But I want to do this, even if it’s shite, just to say I wrote a novel.

Move to the new apartment with minimal moving drama
Minimal drama was had...

...mostly because I had moved most of what was boxed before my parents showed up to move the furniture. My advice: be willing to move most of the stuff yourself. It goes faster with other people, but seriously, be willing to move what you own. You own it, you take responsibility for it.

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