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stop worrying about what other people think of me
I will stop

I dont get along well with other females.. I love older guys.. (not old enough to be my father of course).. I need to stop worrying what other people think about my choices and just live my life. The world makes it seem as if its a crime to be young.. but then spend tons of money to look young again.. HYPOCRITES!

wear shorts year around
Sure will

I am moving back to my homeland which is hot or warm year round.. I will wear short shorts, low heels, full coverage tops year round.. and other days i’ll wear a dress and heels.

Grow long hair as a black woman
One long term goal

I’d love to have long flowing hair.. I am moving back to Jamaica in 2 weeks .. back to my homeland!! My hair is chemically relaxed and i’d like to let it hang down.. but right now there not much to hang down..sad.. Oh well it’ll get there some day.

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