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is always hoping to find home

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find out who my angel is

Used to be more in tune with them, now im drifting

have a close bond with the goddess Nyx (read all 8 entries…)
even if im the only one here,

Nyx and I are starting to be on friendlier terms. Its so nice to have her on side, and the darkness is no longer so sad.
Trying to balance the Goddess of Darkness and Destruction and Chaos with the Goddess of Sun and Fertility and Justice is a struggle though! i dont know which time of day i should like more!

clean my bathroom (read all 2 entries…)
aha! looking at this post reminded me!

i just need to mop the floor and i’m done!
i will be RIGHT back to check this off! :D

clean my bathroom (read all 2 entries…)
i started today

my sister finally moved out(seems for good) so it should be easier to keep it clean. i say easier for a reason. :)
i cleaned the walls/surfaces by poisoning myself with bleach, so i hope its all worth it in the end. i dont think anything smaller than me made it out alive….

train my dog (read all 2 entries…)
so many blisters they are starting to spill onto my wrists....

summed up: leash work is a pain!
rope burns, blisters and one very sore wrist later, my dog is just as badly behaved. I’m scared…

have a close bond with the goddess Nyx (read all 8 entries…)
im wondering what happened to my fellow priestesses...

but im going to choose to assume you are all doing the stuff instead of contemplating doing the stuff on your list -like i am. XD

find my lost bank card and gym card
i will find it!

i’ll be darned if i know where i put it…

develop my psychic abilities
i never commented on this goal. shame on me

My practise has mostly consisted of aura-seeing with my friend. We practised meditating to change our aura and then tried to guess what the other person was thinking. we really were quite good!
otherwise just failed at telepathy attempts, and have been practising divination. Tea leaves for the most part, with the occasional tarot/rune/i-ching attempt.
My hunches about events often wrong, but about people are good. :)

draw faces on the eggs in the fridge
as soon as i saw this goal existed...

i was at home alone, so i ran to the fridge with a pen and drew red glitter faces on them all. XD
There were two boxes, so not enough face types, but some got smudged anyways, noone will know…
sadly i have no bluetooth to take photo of it. :(

have a close bond with the goddess Nyx (read all 8 entries…)
although my vampire goal is failing

I do at least appear to be slowly evolving to a sunset. :)
Yay to golden-rose-purple blends!

have a close bond with the goddess Nyx (read all 8 entries…)
i got sidetracked... :o

Is Dawn like the new moon/waxing moon
=New beginnings, new ideas, wishes, growth, healing.
Sunset, waxing/dark moon
=Cleansing, banishing, completing, karma, divination

Just trying to get ideas of our purposes… what do you think? Youre officially responsible for trying to be creative! Im just trying to bring change.

have a close bond with the goddess Nyx (read all 8 entries…)
Phase one- complete!

My initiatory thingummy!
Equiped with only a candle(dark purple) a box of matches and a water bottle, i brave the mosquito plague and venture to the garden… O.O
The element summoning works okay, i have a chat with my personification of each(water is hard to look at, she keeps morphing) about the hi, please work with me, this is what im after.
Then i invite Nyx/spirit.
She almost appears(a vague shadow out the corner of my eyes)and paces around me in a predatory way, sizing me up i’d say. So i plead my case. She eventually(after enjoying much begging) agrees to have me as a daughter(at the exact moment she said she would accept me as a daughter of night the candle went out) but she was a bit iffy on the vampire thing… either she didnt want to or she had something different in mind for me. So i told her(naturally) that i’d wait for a while if she needed, and that i would listen to her in my dreams/life for the direction i should take under her care. But she seemed to like me as sunset phoenix, and told me to be careful i didnt dwell in the darkness of night, because the stars and moon provide light, hope and direction in life, as well as make the journey more magickal.
Tonight i will listen to my dreams, but for now i have to go and deal with angry parents who a) had banned me from net and b) asked me to clean up something. g2g! :D

found pic:

have a close bond with the goddess Nyx (read all 8 entries…)

I think some of us are making good headway with this goal!

grow wings (read all 4 entries…)

I (semi-)recently discovered i wanted wings because i used to have them. I feel strange coming out like this, but i am otherkin… Angelic/celestial type. But i dont want flying wings, i want shield/hide/energy wings. I dont have a CLUE how to do that!!!
so im going for proper wings instead. XD
Can anyone help on the angel-wings(not feather wings) thing?

Save money (read all 3 entries…)

i had no set money goal, just wanted to get in the habit. Im the stingiest person anyone knows, and im feeling proud of that. My budget of almost nothing hasnt stopped me yet! (except that i dont do anything because of it, XD free fun is the best fun)

have a close bond with the goddess Nyx (read all 8 entries…)
soon to be taken over by...

the followers of Nyx team! XD

Go on a roadtrip


have a close bond with the goddess Nyx (read all 8 entries…)

Heres hoping I dont screw up another dedication.

train my dog (read all 2 entries…)
Just started

My puppy(6 mnths) was half trained by me, sometimes sits, drops, sleeps and waits… I need to teach him those properly, and add come to the list. Wish me luck!

grow wings (read all 4 entries…)
Psychic wings

I thought i might try to grow wings in my aura first. It would give my wings a template to grow by later, and it would be easier to live with if something went bad, like i had wings too large. (its partly chickening out, partly i want to have a cool aura!)
Anyone else tried that before?

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