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How to taxes 2013
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2 months
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How to visit Niagara Falls
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3 days
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How to attempt 43 dares in september
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16 days
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more confident

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The actor and I were

Talking on the phone tonight. I was telling him how those two girls had dropped me as a friend. He asked me why I thought it was and we had a conversation in which he said ” you are socially skilled and charming’ ( thank you!) when we were hanging up a ran all my words quickly together and said ” love you, mean it,see you, bye”. He laughed and said ” don’t ever change”

( I have to rush or sneak in the love you’s because he says he doesn’t really believe in love and it annoys him when people say they love him. They don’t even know him. So we laugh when I torture him with I love yous, but I forever will!)

He said

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I am in love

With my new carpet!

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The new carpet is in

It looks beautiful and is so soft. It’s like walking on clouds of silk. Miss Lily belle rolls round on the carpet and I can tell she loves it as much as I do.

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