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  1. 1. To live instead of exist
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  2. 2. start a blog
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  3. 3. meditate daily
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  4. 4. love myself
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  5. 5. organize my life
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  6. 6. Practice Yoga
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  7. 7. build a cob house
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  8. 8. build a cob oven
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  9. 9. go back to school
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  10. 10. learn to play an instrument
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  11. 11. make more art
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  12. 12. finish NaNoWriMo
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  13. 13. become a counselor
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  14. 14. Build a Social Network
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  15. 15. Become a Motivational Speaker
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learn to play an instrument

My toddler actually let me play for a little while today. I know enough where my improv is pleasant on the ears, so I’m not exactly sure what her issue is.

It’s frustrating having to rebuild my calluses whenever I get a chance to come back to it. Feels like I’ve been trying to learn for years. Oh wait. I have been trying to make the time to really learn for years laughs

Hoping she’ll let me practice at least 15 minutes a day, which perhaps will become more as she gets used to the idea.

To live instead of exist
Adventure is not beyond anyone's ability

Not right now as I have much to sort out in my own life, but someday I’d really love to do motivational speaking for disabled, young people. There’s this epidemic of people existing rather than living in this world, and all the more so in the disabled community, which is probably why whenever someone would automatically mention I should work with other disabled people I cringed. I remember growing up we were given pep talks on how we could live normal, well adjusted lives.

What about the extraordinary??!

I guess you could say as I get older I feel a responsibility to tell kids what no one told me – Adventure is not beyond anyone’s ability, and How.

go back to school
I wasn't ready. I am now.

For months I’ve been going through the motions of attempting college again because I’m a single mother with a little girl to take care of, so on and so on, unsure if I could handle it. After all, I’ve tried this a few times. It was then I realized before now I’d know then I wasn’t ready, but my family was insisted my self worth depended on college, especially in their eyes. It was about so much more than “making something of myself”

Now, a little older, a little wiser, I really couldn’t give a damn what they think, which feels Fantastic because I’m going back to school for the right reasons – MY reasons.

Services for the Blind is paying for childcare, and hooked me up with gadgets to make my life easier.
Financial Aid accepted my petition for reinstatement.
A few more appointments to hash out the details, and come September I’ll be back in class :)

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