is At home healing my swollen leg, ITS SO FAT!

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drink more water

Its fucking DISGUSTING, unless i am completely dehydrated and crave it. Otherwise i see no other reason to consume it.
BUT.. I am on a colon cleansing diet and Acai Berry, slightly cutting back into my low carb diet, and to do that i need to drink 2 ltres of water everyday for 2-3 weeks, and holy shit, i so won’t survive so i’m hoping the pills overtake that challenge.

pierce my lip
Pierced lip.

Kept it in for over a year, felt satisfied, took it out and got different piercings.

Save money

I am SICK and tired of going out, getting on a bus, ending up somewhere far away and not having a way home. Sometimes its too late to catch a bus, eg. 5 in the morning.
Falling asleep in a taxi on the way home would be nice.

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