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Dye my hair a weird color
i dyed my hair pink!

Mwahaha…back in August, I was bored…so I put hot pink dye in my hair. It was only chunked hot pink, but still…it rawked awesomely. I had to take it out for rotc though .

Learn to cook
Yay I learned to cook!

I decided to fix Zatarain’s Dirty Rice and had never browned meat before. I was alone and had to do it…so yeah. I figured out how to brown meat and had a fun time doing it…but that’s another story. I can cook!

graduate from high school

WOW! I’ll be a senior in just one month. I can’t believe I’ve gone through as much as I have in these three years. I’ve changed and made friends and lost friends and…wow. It’s nuts.


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