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clean my car hardcore (read all 3 entries…)
Not the way I wanted to do it...

But the car is cleaned. Or cleaned out, I should say. As in stripped, naked, devoid of all things me and therefore all things that matter… and not by choice. My car was sitting on the curb, enjoying its normal Sunday night slumber, when a drunked savage whipped around the corner, dragged my baby 30 feet, pushed it up onto the sidewalk, and then did what any sensible drunk idiot would do… fled the scene. 2 hours later, he’s in custody, but the car’s still trashed. $14,000 total-out check doesn’t really make up for the facts that (a) that car was bitching, (b) I have 4 yrs of memories in that baby and© it was ALMOST PAID OFF!!! jerk. Anyway, had to go down and clean out the car. Not within the confines of my original goal outlines, but it’s kinda a moot point now. :( Guess I’ll just work on falling in love with my ‘08 Scion.

join a roller derby team (read all 2 entries…)
Just Fresh Meat...

but still willing to help (or be helped!!!!)

join a roller derby team (read all 2 entries…)
Best Decision I never made

This. Rocks. So. Hard. And I”m so glad I didn’t think too hard about doing it. Well, that’s kinda not the entire truth. A coffee shop that I frequent had business cards out on the bar for a certain team in the area. Interest piqued, I picked one up and tucked it in my wallet before my boyfriend or the barista could catch what I did and snicker wildly, as I was sure they would. Did I mention I did this little card palming a year ago? Left the card in there for a while, and every time I had to shuffle through my gift cards or find my library pass, the card would be there, staring me down, it’s heavy card stock and rounded corners mocking me, asking “well?”. I denied it’s presence. I pretended like it was a joke, haha isn’t this funny guys, look what I picked up so long ago from who knows where? It was funny and comforting, until it wasn’t. It really was just another notch on the “not nearly accomplished” post. At that point, i stuck the card on my pile of “pretend I’m gonna do this” stuff on my desk, and then forgot about it some more. And life went on quietly and uneventfully, until it didn’t anymore. My 15 year old dog died. My best friend moved across the country. A drunk driver wiped out my lovely little car while it was parked innocently on the curb. MInor pains in the great sheme of human suffering, but still shell shocking. I looked for a bit of normalcy, and what could be more normal, more comforting, more exemplary of exerting control than cleaning off one’s desk? So i did, and I came across the card. So I searched, and I came across some leagues. So I asked, and I came across some information. A date, a time, a place, be there or be square. Simple as that, as little thinking as possible, because if I had been any more cerebrally engaged, I never would have gone. But the shake and shift my life went through in a 3 week period rattled my little world just enough to distract my brain from what my hands were doing. I never thought twice, I couldn’t even manage to think once, and thank goodness for that. I’ve never had so much fun falling on my ass, and I can’t wait to kick some serious ass. I only hope I can get to be even half as awesome as some of the girls in the league.

go back to school (read all 18 entries…)
Western Civ II owns my life, and i hate it

I needed to kick my butt back into gear on this one, so I signed up for a condensed history class. Western Civ II is like my Moby Dick, a 100 level class that taunts me from way back. I figured I’d finish it off and have the matching set of Western Civs by taking a 3 wk condensed course this summer. Mon/Tue/Thu, scheduled for 4 hours a day (tho mercifuly we’ve gotten out early so far). It’s not the sitting so much that gets me, it’s the freakin reading. I love to read, I retain, I enjoy stories and accounts and histories and I don’t mind note-taking either, but I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve read for close to 10 hours in the past 2 days. All I can say is, there’s only 7 days left. I’ll bang it out, eat sleep and breath the Modern Era, aim for that A and then tackle going back to school for real once I catch my breath.

Take one continuing education class before the end of the year (read all 13 entries…)
Advanced Education, Take Two

So the trigger point class i attempted to take a while back was canceled due to inclement weather that threatened, but never delivered, huge snowfall. A side benefit of that failed attemopt was my first solo stay in New York City (an entirely diff story), but unfortunately no Continuing Education Units. However, in August I intend to take a neuromuscular therapy class to treat neck problems, and a class focusing on how to release the hip (mainly cuz my boyfriend’s mom had hip replacement surgery last month and I’d like to be able to help her once she’s healed). Once those are done, i can finally move this off my list.

eat at a soup kitchen incognito, and see what i shall see
Let it be known

that i mean absolutely no disrespect by this goal. I am an avid people watcher, and a collector of stories and images. Sitting in a train station or a coffee shop, or eavesdropping on the subway yeilds pretty interesting treasures, but some things you can’t see from outside. I think certain things you can only see for real if you’re inside and you turn them around a bit. I’d like to find out.

Make the perfect Cosmopolitan (read all 3 entries…)
I've realized that

I don’t really know WHY i want to make a cosmo. I mean, I like them, I enjoy them when I order them at restaurants, but really, I don’t need to drink them at home. Sam Adams suits me just fine, so at least I know my roots.

Run the Orange Classic in 2007 (read all 14 entries…)
The Time Has Come

... and gone. I have really been keeping up with my running. I can actually run for 30 mins without stop, logging about 3 miles. I feel so so so proud of myself when i do go running, and I love saying “i am a runner”. Unfortunately, i couldnt’ afford to take off to do the Classic this year, but you better believe I’m keeping it up in anticipation of next year

list 43 things i like about NJ so maybe I can stop hating it here (read all 43 entries…)

43. I was waiting for the perfect thing to round out my list, and I think I found it in this quote:

James Lipton – “What is your favorite curse word”
James Gandolfini – “Its a Jersey curse word – You F*ing Douche Bag…”

Take one continuing education class before the end of the year (read all 13 entries…)
Getting there:

registered for my two Trigger Point classes in April. Feel kinda grown up, weeeeee

Take one continuing education class before the end of the year (read all 13 entries…)

Got certified in Cancer Massage this past Monday and Tuesday (16 continuing ed credits), took a little workshop on “Uplifitng Facial Massage with Aromatherapy” (not an “official” continuing ed class, but interesting nontheless), and plan to take a 2 day course on trigger pts in the city on 4/16 and 4/17. Think I’ll check this goal off once I finish those classes. I’m afraid if I check it off now, I’ll get lazy and lose the motivation to keep going for different certifications.

Run the Orange Classic in 2007 (read all 14 entries…)
Couch to 5k

Week 4, Day 1. Moving right along. I run every other day, which means I’ll end up finishing the 9 wk program way ahead of schedule. This works out well because I’ll have to figure out how to transition from 5k to 10k. Training suggestions would be appreciated

list 43 things i like about NJ so maybe I can stop hating it here (read all 43 entries…)

42. Cryptic Signs. Not like “read your tea leaves” divining signs (cuz god knows there’s nothing divine about this joint). I mean a printed medium stating an unintelligible fact of uncertain importance. Exhibit A: I pass a small horse farm on the back road to work called Cranbury Creek/Crossing/Crockpot, I dunno it’s some little alliteration with just the right country twang to make it completely forgettable. In fact, I would have forgotten that the farm is even on the way to my job, except for the addendum in the lower right corner. Almost as an after thought, someone added a smaller burgundy sign, lettered in bold golden font, stating the fact that Cranbury Cankersore is also “HOME OF SOME KIND OF TIGER”. I kid you not. No further information is given, and often on my drive home from work I want to pull over and interrupt Ma and Pa Kettle just as they’re sitting down to a steaming plate of vittles and ask them what the hell they mean putting up a sign like that. These people are either advertising geniuses, or pure mental cases. Either way, I have no interest in those type of folks, but I’d still like to talk to this TIGER. Also, today I passed what seemed to be, at first glance, an RV graveyard. By the looks of things, this was hallowed ground where all the Winnebagos and Slipstreams get to spend their eternal vacations, if they are very very good. However, the sign out front stated, in no uncertain terms, that this establishment was actually the PATTY O MATIC. Furthermore, this location was NOW HIRING (sidenote: you’ve usually got a winner on your hands if the sign is not only all in caps, but also hand-painted and older than Jesus). I”m not sure what a PATTY-O-MATIC is, or what the job qualifications for working in said location might be, but if they’re looking for a company mascot I could definitely point them towards SOME KIND OF TIGER.

do push-ups every day (read all 5 entries…)

Every night I try to talk myself out of them, but every night I find myself nose-to-rug pumping them out. Guess it’s paid off, cuz now I can do 35 at once, which is more than most of the guys I know.

declare March "Spring Cleaning" Month (regardless of whether Spring is ready for it)
So far I've

washed the blankets, put on new red sateen sheets (very pimp indeed), shampooed the rug, and gotten thru round one of “keep or chuck”. Kinda at impasse right now, because I can’t really organize my clothing til i find a different dresser. If only this schizo weather would even out, I’d be able to comb the flea markets for a suitable replacement.

Run the Orange Classic in 2007 (read all 14 entries…)

Finally stopped using the cold weather and the packed scheduleas an excuse and went running yesterday, Day 1 of “Couch to 5k”. Granted, the Orange Classic that I want to run is a 10k, but lets sprint that bridge when we come to it. No reason to give myself more excuses to quit before I start.

live instead of exist (read all 14 entries…)

WTF does a 24 yr old do for fun anymore? I’m so sick of parceling out my time and living like I owe people my soul in the form of minutes and favors, and I was much happier when every other sentence out of my mouth was “I don’t give a F” and I had purple hair and no curfew and my own opinions and a lack of worry. I need to get the hell out of this place, away from these people who measure each other up by cars and clothes and handbags and black AMEX cards, and closer to people who like the same stuff as me (whatever the heck THAT might be, i don’t even know anymore) or at least who have enough of a personality to make me believe they don’t go home at the end of the night and plug themselves into a wall outlet to recharge til morning. ARRRRRRGGGGGHHH!!!!!! Can you tell the pills aren’t working?

do push-ups every day (read all 5 entries…)
Up to 25

think I’ll make it 25 2 times a day for the next week, bc then 30 at once will feel like nothing.

go back to school (read all 18 entries…)
It's gonna be one of those weeks

where I’ll be unassumingly going about my day, and all of a sudden feelings of failure and defeat slam me in the face. It’s already happened a couple of times, and while I try really really hard to think happy thoughts, it would still be nice if these buggers would fire a warning shot once in a while, give me a chance to put ‘em up.

declare February " 'Can't' Lives on 'Won't' Street" month (read all 39 entries…)

Currently watching “The Secret” on my iPod. I’m no metaphysics expert, and I’m certainly not a positive thinking champ, but I wonder if maybe there isn’t a grain of truth in this. This movie is beneficially insidious, it just gets in your brain and makes you think about it til you wonder if you’ve been saved or brainwashed. Either way it’s kinda interesting.

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