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  1. 1. Get toned
    336 people
  2. 2. Save money
    16,488 people
  3. 3. get out of debt
    12,195 people
  4. 4. Learn to play the piano
    8,235 people
  5. 5. learn sign language
    8,513 people
  6. 6. Get a tattoo
    21,929 people
  7. 7. Read more books
    11,845 people
  8. 8. Learn to cook
    10,141 people
  9. 9. Learn to play the guitar
    13,759 people
  10. 10. graduate from college
    6,154 people
  11. 11. find a job i love
    2,026 people
  12. 12. be more confident
    11,594 people
  13. 13. Get organized
    6,538 people
  14. 14. Keep my room clean
    2,636 people
  15. 15. get a cat
    892 people
  16. 16. Have fun
    3,378 people
  17. 17. be more social
    5,415 people
  18. 18. Be a better friend
    6,279 people
  19. 19. keep in touch with old friends
    1,593 people
  20. 20. Visit Japan
    5,969 people
  21. 21. be more spiritual
    1 entry
    1,048 people
  22. 22. meditate
    3,299 people
  23. 23. create 365 drawings in 365 days
    1 entry
    2 people
  24. 24. Take more pictures
    15,337 people
  25. 25. feel beautiful
    2,177 people
  26. 26. learn Japanese
    10,808 people
  27. 27. get a six-pack
    2 entries
    161 people
  28. 28. learn Spanish
    18,253 people
  29. 29. live The Secret
    1 entry
    101 people
  30. 30. play more video games
    121 people
  31. 31. write more
    3,814 people
  32. 32. keep the house clean
    150 people
  33. 33. write a manga
    105 people
  34. 34. make a movie
    3,122 people
  35. 35. love myself
    5,160 people
  36. 36. be more reliable
    76 people
  37. 37. write a song
    1 entry
    5,192 people
  38. 38. Walk across America
    366 people

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write a song
Planning to see the light of day

Well, I started this with the inspiration from a guy that I liked…but also because I’ve always written little “ditties” that I never really shared with anyone, because I felt like they were corny, and a lot of them were unfinished.

But…after a major breakup with my ex-beau, and with the secret admiration of my guitar-welding Crush, I started to let my creativity out in the open. I started being less abashed about my songwriting, at least to the point where I allowed myself to do it, and not just write it, but of course record my voice singing my “ditties” and attempting to formulate them to fruition. I wrote choruses, and seriously considered the way a song sounds and evolves and unfolds. I’ve been doing this since at least August, if not July. :)

Anyhoo, the point of this entry is this: I know I can’t sing. Of course, I love to sing, and I guess I can carry a tune, but I don’t (yet?) have a singer’s voice. So…I feel that no matter how polished I made my songs, there would always be something lacking, if they sound like they’re coming from a drowned cat!

Well, I’m getting along with my sister a lot better these days, and she’s always been an excellent singer. Casually wondering, I asked if she would be interested in singing my songs for me, and…she is!

If Sis is interested in singing, I know that my talent for songwriting and the song itself can truly be heard. Now, I just need to pick my favorite, most complete, polished songs and make them really shine before I send my sis the file of me “singing” my original lyrics!

And of note, I just want to mention, though I started with inspiration from a Crush, this has always been something that I’ve wanted to do for myself, and my future fame. As a side effect, if I put this up online (say, YouTube or something), I might also spur the fame-getting of my sister as well. I really don’t know why she didn’t pursue a singing career years ago. Maybe it’s the same reason that I haven’t pursued careers in writing, acting, or the other handful of things I feel I do well…

Live The Secret
Small wish granted...reposted!

So…I guess I had accidentally posted this under the wrong goal! This is from aproximately 2 weeks ago…

I know I need to write about all the manifestations that I successfully achieved so…

One small thing that I accomplished:
There was one friend who I felt had been avoiding me. I put it forth that they would make an effort to befriend me, and they did.

Yay me!

create 365 drawings in 365 days
Title says all

I pretty much know that for my college major I need to learn how to draw, and love doing it. I’ve always loved doing it, and I have tried to get better, but every time I promise myself I’ll draw more, I come up with some sort of blockage or excuse.

I’ve given myself a challenge: 365 drawings in 365 days. Reason being, I have a friend who is an excellent artist, who has a RIDICULOUS number of drawings up on her DeviantArt page (I’m talking close to 600!!). Her dedication or love for drawing (probably both) is insane and I’m very envious!

...So, imitation is the highest form of flattery, and I want to draw more. Thus: 365 drawings in 365 days. This is a goal for myself I’m setting starting today. I re-named my goal to reflect this (it was previously just “draw more”).

Well, here goes. :)

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