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learn to ride a motorcycle

Most people fail to understand the full amount of risk and danger of riding a motorcycle. I often see ppl (in expensive leather jackets and cheap jeans)on expensive bikes barely able to control them or riding like a petrified deer in the headlight. I know they are headed for serious hurt. I know ppl who need organ donors.
Now the flip side, I ride. I take a class every year to improve my skills. I have a lot of expensive protective gear and I take meticulous care of my machines. The level of awareness, skill and balance that comes from riding is an unrivaled sensation. Before your first solo ride, take several lessons and build your skills…you WILL need every one of them. When it comes to you vs auto…you are quite f*($@d. Invest in you…and then maybe, like me, you will ride until you are old and gray!

read Proficient Motorcycling

This is a great training manual. Reading this book is a great step. Putting the drills into practice is even better. There are many things the book misses though, and if you have a bike or can borrow one, try standing on the pegs with the wheel turned to one side and front brake on…now see how long you can hold the balance position with your eyes looking far ahead! Do this for 30 mins a day until you can balance the bike for 5+ seconds…Better riding through confidence in your balance is key. Enjoy.

Practice Yoga

I attribute my sense of balance and flexibility (1.98M) to learning yoga when I was 12yo. I stopped for 20+ years and am now starting again. I am having fun and the people around me are easy on the eyes…YAY!

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