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  1. 1. Learn Spanish
    18,251 people
  2. 2. learn Russian
    2,819 people
  3. 3. join a band and sing sing sing
    22 people
  4. 4. Fly a plane
    1,125 people
  5. 5. become less enraged at instances of stupidity
    490 people
  6. 6. go to a Sting concert
    1 entry
    4 people
  7. 7. find an atheist penpal
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    6 people
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learn to use photoshop

It’s a blast to start playing with! Have fun with this one :)

find an atheist penpal
Or at least someone with a common open belief...

Not BELIEVING is not respecting – most “believers” seem to be unaware of this and assume us, “non-believers” wish them ill, or have some sort of disrespect for them.

go to a Sting concert
Got the tickets!

I missed this once when I was living in Australia, I’m not going to let this chance pass me by again!

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