Own my own company
It's really easy to do

I started Organic Pop as a side business last year found it to be very simple. I used an incorporation company which basically did all of the work for me in a matter of a few weeks. The biggest benefit in starting your own LLC is for tax shelter purposes which can be real handy to have.

learn PHP
Took a PHP Class

I took a PHP class at AcademyX in San Francisco. Teacher was good but the course sucked.

remodel my kitchen
Hot Muffins!

I just had my kitchen redone fresh with new appliances, countertops, and floors. If anyone is looking for a safe and reliable contractor try this company:

Hot muffins because my oven works again :)

get my own office
Having your own office rocks

I just needed to get out of the house! I didn’t know how much it bothered me, working at home, until I got my own office. Now I have my little space I can call my own. As a result of the new space, I have become much happier and far more efficient in getting things done.

Paint the deck

The deck should make it for another year.

get an accountant
I need an accountant

I need an accountant to itemize all my deductions for my side business.

fish every river in yellowstone
Fishing in Yellowstone

I’ve fished 6 rivers or creeks in Yellowstone but my goal is to fish all of them and mark them off of my list. I’m going to keep track of my progress here: So far I have fished the Gallatin, Gibbon, Joffe Lake, Madison, Firehole, Little Firehole



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