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Do the Great North Run in Sept 08 (read all 5 entries…)

Well, 3 years on and I’m not running any more due to problems with my lower back. In the interim I have done quite a lot of walking though, and have completed two midnight walks for Cancer Research – both 13.1 miles long respectively. That more than makes up for not getting to do the Great North Run.

grow some vegetables
From little acorns ...

No I’ve not planted an oak tree, but I decided to start small on my vegetable growing. We’re in the middle of re-landscaping the backgarden so I only have a small patio at my dispsol for the next couple of months. Not to be deterred I bought a strawberry planter some weeks ago, desposited it in the sunny corner of the patio, watered it daily and hey presto we have some fruit. They’re have yet to turn their delicious red but I’m quite excited to be able to harvest something I’ve grown myself for the first time.

Encouraged by this, on a visit to the local garden centre this weekend, I picked up a potato bin, compost and some seed potatoes. They’re planted and just awaiting the next stage. I’m a huge mushroom lover too so also bought a box of mushroom spawn which is cultivating in the corner of my dining room as I write.

I’m tempted to go back and pick up some of the carrot plant seedling I spotted and see what else they have in.

The whole vegetable thing has been a very longstanding ambition of mine, harking back to my Dad’s wonderful vegetable garden. I either didn’t have the space, inclination or just felt too daunted by the task. But with the resurgence of ‘growing your own’ and planter gardening – I finally decided that it was something I could do.

Get a distant warning tattoo

Probably not a good idea any more – you never know though – maybe one day.

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