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update my blog once a week (read all 3 entries…)
Another Week Gone By...

Another week has past, and that means that, yay! I got my blog updated on time!
My Tuesday post went up with only a few minor mistakes (that were quickly and easily fixed). So go read it ya’ll!
If you want to, that is!
Link bellow:

update my blog once a week (read all 3 entries…)
Done for this week!

Wow, I was so bored the other night that I actually resorted to productivity!
I finally finally finally updated my blog with a quick post about the North American International Auto Show that I was lucky enough to get to attend in Detroit!
If you’re at all interested you can check it out over at my blog

finish a crochet project
Plastic Bag Bag

I’m working on a crochet project right now that’s soooo cool, I really want to finish it.
I’m crocheting a bag, but instead of using yarn I’m using cut up plastic bags (like from grocery stores).
It’s coming out really cool, and it’s actually pretty easy, I just need to sit myself down and actually do some work on it!

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