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get another tattoo
I have an idea for what I want next

I know what my next tattoo will be when i can come up with the money for it. I want to have a tribal done between my shoulder blades and then on each side i want wings that come down my back, circle around and end on the front part of my thighs. I already have a little mickey mouse on my lower back. I cant wait to get my next tattoo. My mickey didnt really hurt very much, and since i couldnt see it, the needles didnt bother me very much

dream completely in black and white
I dream in color

Since i dream in color, the idea of a black and white dream seems impossible. That’s why i want to do this, and to see if black and white actually makes the dream seem more or less real to me. The things that seem impossible are always possible so it cant hurt to give this a try.

travel around the U.S.A in a motor home
Motor homes are fun!

I remember when i was a little kid, we used to go everywhere in a camper. So now that i am an adult, i find that the more i think of traveling, the more i think Motor home. I can’t wait til i can get on the open road, with a map and a dream.

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