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  1. 1. meet a single emo boy
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  2. 2. Get my dream job working for RSPCA
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  3. 3. go to New York
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meet a single emo boy
Single and loooking for an emo boy

Hey, I’m Rebecca. But like to go by Pikachu, or Panda! I may not look emo ect. But that’s because I’m not. I am just being me (: I am looking for an emo boy, someone who lives in the UK, in London, or near London! I love emo people, esspicly emo boys! You got to be from the age of 17-25 years! It be cool to find someone who lives near me (Dagenham/Essex!) but If you live nearer in London/anywhere in the UK then I understand! :) here some quick facts about me if intreasted to know me a bit. I love anything cute and cuddly, loves giving and getting hugs, wearing cute hats (as seen in pic!)I love anime and manga and love animals!:) I sometimes write poet and draw for fun (: I want to work for the RSPCA one day. But would not mind being a poet writer/Artist xD lol :P I am not fussy on what I am looking for (: but would love an emo boy with longish black hair (Not too long!) and blue eyes. I kind of have a thing for boys with blue eyes. But again I am not really fussy (: lol if instreasted to know more about me please add my msn underneath your email =) bye and hope you’s have a good day!


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