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grow wings

My back is freaking killing me! i did a spell, and know my back is hurting ALOT, i dont know how long i can take this, but at least i’ll get wings…i hope =]

Get offered a modeling job

Well i went to the mall and modeling industries were there and they asked me to model for them. But im not tht type of person who models so i say no.

become a fairy (read all 2 entries…)

lol this is funny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wskT6YfVB6E

skip all the way to 2:22, freaking funny XD
its the dude

become a fairy (read all 2 entries…)
is this real?

i found this a long time ago, my sis thinks the pics are real. so i wanted u guys to see the pic!

the first three are the pictures, its soppose to be a fairy that police found in England, they say it was flying and it fell in a ditch i think and it died sadly.

describe my visions
visions i always have themm =]

idk how but i always have visions…

Actually FINISH writing a novel

Well, LOL i finished like allot of novels, i love to write, anyway some of you wont do this but i like to help ppl. So maybe you should start off with something u like to write about, for example a story about a Fairy-tale, were a girl finds out shes a fairy. then if u like adventure make adventurous, write like what she does during her adventure, if u want dramatic, make it dramatic, like the girl’s father ends up dieing. then u know continue. Use ur IMAGINATION! thts y u have it! Hope i helped! =]

Fairygirl11's Fairy class for beginners!

Oh can i join this class plz, i really want to be a fairy since i was a little girl right now im 12, i always believe in magic (my user:P) and i am the only one from my family [both sides] who thinks that all this is real. Anyway Im new on this site, and i really wanna join, THANKS!
PS srry for the bother, i reall dont know wat to do, a big shame ik



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