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Visit the Longaberger Head Office Building
Imagine working here...

There are some very dull buildings out in the world.

I adore the simplicity of the Longaberger Building. They’re a basket company. Their head office is a basket.

I love that a grown up would have had several plans in front of him and turned to other grown ups and said “No. Let’s go with the basket”.

I want to visit it. Simple really.

Visit 12 new places in my city in 2007
Number one: Nandos

Next door to the cinema I always hang out in at weekends is a Nando’s chicken eatery.

I’ve never been to one before.. got dragged in by a very nice guy who I kinda fancy. (Any excuse to keep the ‘date’ going a little longer)

I really enjoyed myself. (The company helped) Although there’s no real way to be able to eat chicken wings in a seductive manner.

And he did point out how old I am compared to him. (But I’m only 7 years older than he is)

Food was nice. The actual building was nice- they’d really taken time with the plastering on the walls. Nice to know it’s there in future so I don’t end up eating crap at the cinema.

That’s my new place number one in Birmingham UK.

A national fast(-ish) food chain. Birmingham

tidy my flat (read all 2 entries…)
Like Sisyphus

You manage to get things tidy, then you let it go a little. Then you have a burst of tidying, then you let it go..

Why does it never seem to be done?

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