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  1. 1. think positive
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  2. 2. not get upset so easily
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  3. 3. bad friends
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get rid of bad friends (read all 2 entries…)

People! I have officially completed this goal!
I have finally managed to get rid of the two bad friends I had when I first began working on this goal. After a lot of bad moments spent with them, I have finally managed to prove that I am stronger than both of them. I have moved on to better people who respect me for who I am and who I know from the bottom of my heart that they will always be there for me, no matter what.
I have come out of this experience like a new person. I feel stronger inside and I am able to conquer anything now. Of coarse, I always remember that quote that I read when I first began working on this goal:
“That which doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”
I wish all of you the same happiness and content I have now.
Remember, you can do this!

get rid of bad friends (read all 2 entries…)
Some friend she is..

I’ve been with my “friend” for over 5 years now and I’ve always been there for her and supported her completely!! Without showing arrogance I can honestly tell you guys that I am the best kind of friend that girl could ever have!
She’s now been ignoring me for the past 4 weeks. I asked my other friend about it and she told me that the girl’s mad at me because of a very very very silly reason. She doesn’t like me having friends!! I am expected to have NO friends while she gets to prance around with her so-called friends who only want to use her. It’s blindingly obvious! I’ve been soo upset lately over her and I honestly need advice. I know I must be strong, but it’s just that she annoys me SO MUCH!!!! Argh!
And I’ve tried to talk to her! She just gives me this big attitude problem look. I am really starting to hate her and I’m gonna let her and her friends be and one day she’ll see that they aren’t exactly “true” friends. I don’t think I’ll forgive her when that day comes.
thanks for letting me get this off my chest

read more manga
Girl Got Game

I Love manga books!!
Which is why I got my friend to copy 4 of her favorite titles onto a CD for me to read on the laptop.
I’m currently reading Girl Got Game, which is so hilarious!!!
After that, I’m going to start on either A Thousand Years of Snow, Alice 19th, or Ju’nai Tokkou Taichou.

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