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Visit Bulgaria

Well … I was born in Bulgaria, so instead of just saying “Come here, it`s worth it!” I will try to give you some extraordinary trip ideas. It seems like all the tourists go to Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Bansko and Sunny Beach. To start with Veliko Tarnovo – it`s definatelly wonderfull there but if you have enough time after visiting Tsarevets,the Samovodene market place and some museums, try to go to the university(it`s on the top of a hill and has a breathtaking view of the city). Close to Veliko Tarnovo is the town Gabrovo – two things to do there – visit the open-air museum for Crafts Etar, and the HOUSE OF HUMOUR AND SATIRE (Dom na humora i satirata in bulgarian cause I`m not sure if it would be written in English ). From Gabrovo you can easyly get to Kazanluk, using The Shipka passage through Stara Planina – famous for rose oil, and archaeology (The valley of tracian kings) – find some info about it, it`s all on the internet, and you won`t be dissapointed. Kazanlak is close to Plovdiv and I think there`s nothing to say about Plovdiv as it`s really known – just don`t forget to buy a card just for Plovdiv because there arent many signs and you might get lost.
Now about Sunny Beach – believe it or not very few bulgarians go there – same about Zlatni Pyasuci (Golden sands? I don`t know if they translate it)if you want something unforgettable and you don`t mind not sleeping in a five-star hotel go to Ahtopol, Ravda, the bungalows close to the mouth of Kamchiq river (but there are no hotels/ shops / bars there so it`s for those who want calmer, uneventfull holliday) or Shabla. And dont forget to visit Nos Kaliakra – its magnificent.
about skiing – Bansko is a wonderfull place, but you can wait up to 40 minutes to get to the lift and it`s expensive so if you want to see something wilder, cheaper and without waiting at the lifts prefer Dobrinishte – its close to Bansko and only bulgarians go there. The tracks are fewer than in Bansko but they are enough for me – about 11 km long here is the website of Dobrinishte – . Also the prices are lower there – if a coffee in BAnsko costs 5 leva, in Dobrinishte is 50 stotinki (ten times lower prices).

So thats it from me and sorry for any mistakes cause my English sucks.


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