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Hey, my name is Adrianne. I know it may sound like (Adrianna) but trust me is almost the same you just replace the last letter with an e.I love listening to metal, punk, and techo. I may not look like an emo person but I really am. I am looking for an emo boy, someone who lives in the Brooklyn, New York or anywhere near there. I love emo people! Especially emo boys! You got to be from the age of 14-16 years old. It would be really cool if you live anywhere in the New York area! :) The are like some fun quick facts about me so you can get to know me better if your interested in me. I have different variety of knee high socks, I love writing poetry when it rains,I love the color blue and lack, I LOVE anything cute and cuddly, I love giving hugs and getting hugs, showing my natural curly hair (As shown in the picture!!) :) I love anime and manga and love animals!:) I sometimes draw different things for fun (: I also write little stories about vampires when I want to, and I enjoy hanging in the park with friends. I am “5’6’, and when it comes to boys I’m not really picky. I would love an emo boy with longish black hair up to his shoulders. I kind of have a thing for boys with green eyes, blue eyes, and brown eyes. If interested and want to know more about me you could uh… text me, my number is 3476750982 or you could email me at . Bye for now and I hope you have a nice day.


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