is watching old Star Trek dvds

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remember the things I used to believe in as a kid
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stories, stories, stories; making them up, acting them out, living them, dreaming them, thinking about them, reading them, keeping them secret, writing them

elves lived in the woods

I could be anything I wanted to be

I would travel the world

I was special and unique

Dogs could talk

get a masters degree
Am I too old?

At 47 am I too old? When I get my masters and want to go on for a PhD and do research will I be too old to be hired, and in debt too? I want to study religious studies or theological studies.

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal
Self Discovery

Writing is about self-discovery – writing can heal, clarify, free, cleanse, awaken, put a period on an event.


I want to:
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