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How to get back down to 12 stone something
It took me
14 weeks
It made me

How to get back down to 13 stone something..
It took me
4 weeks
It made me

How to dye my hair blonde
It took me
2 days
It made me
More confident

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get organised (read all 26 entries…)
Perfect situation for organising.

I am finally in the perfect situation – I have loads of storage room and less stuff to put in them. This means I can be organised instead of just shoving it away and forgetting about it because I can’t get to it.

I have 3 upstairs hallway cupboards.

Cupboard #1 – no shelves
- Hoover
- ironing board
- ?

Cupboard #2 – top to bottom shelves
- bed clothes
- towels
- blankets

Cupboard #3 – top shelf & rails
- overflow clothes?

I have a lot less to store so for once it might be difficult organising my storage :)

get organised (read all 26 entries…)
Renewed goal due to move.

We moved house. I realised how much stuff I have and this is a problem. I want the new house to be clutter free.

- Unpack all boxes
- Sort Lily’s room
- put all clothes away
- sort Lily’s small clothes and store away
- under the sink
- stored kitchen appliances
- Hallway cupboards
- my shoes

Get rid of all my vices before I have children (read all 9 entries…)
Rundown now baby is here
1. My dependency on food as a pass time, crutch and overindulgent behaviour.Has been bad up until this point as I’ve been grabbing what I can, when I can, but from now on I shall be controlled on weightwatchers I am sure of it.

2. My dependency on others to make me feel validated.
Now I appreciate myself and am proud of myself when I have done a good job. I still rely on A2’s attention to fee attractive though

3. My procrastinating nature.
Still procrastinating but made a conscious effort to be the”do it now”people the other day and have ticked a good few things off my to do list.

4. My inability to express my thoughts as I wish to; my difficulties constructing coherent and thought out spoken sentences
I am managing just fine now.

5. My use of buying items to make me feel happy.NEW: I have been using retail therapy to make me feel good recently. It needs to stop.

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