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  1. 1. rich life
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  2. 2. decide what doctor I want to be
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  3. 3. learn more about computers
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  4. 4. smile more
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  5. 5. visit every continent
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  6. 6. learn to drive
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  7. 7. live in Australia
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  8. 8. find real love
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  9. 9. learn English very well
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  10. 10. learn to swim
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  11. 11. go to prague
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  12. 12. wanna be loved by him
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relationships with him
I'm sick of being lost. Come find me

Last summer we spent our time together a few times, it was very interesting to tell with him. We study together, but now we see each other very rarely. Sometimes I miss him, I want to see him more often. I feel he’s sensitive, but always looks like very strong man (and its really true, he’s strong man!I’m sure) at the same time. Sometimes he’s reserved and he is a guess for me. Wanna guess him…

learn English very well
I'm doing this!

I began to visit courses of English! Its very interesting! My teacher is very optimistic and clever, my groupmates are quite cheerful. Every lesson I learn new words and phrases. I really like it!

kiss him
My lovely doctor

He is a doctor. We work together in Department of Anaestesiology, Reanimatology and Intensive Care. Sometimes I think I love him. He has so beautiful green eyes, and when I meet him and I look in his eyes I can’t think about something more.
First time when I decided that I love him was when I saw him running with ill child in his hands. He was so fearless, noble…

And I still hope that he will fall in love with me…
May be tomorrow?)

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