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  1. 1. find a best friend
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  2. 2. learn to draw
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  3. 3. Stop caring what other people think of me
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  4. 4. have more confidence in myself
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  5. 5. graduate from college
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  6. 6. Take more pictures
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  7. 7. get my bachelor's degree
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  8. 8. write a novel
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  9. 9. Improve my French
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write a novel

I really want to write a novel, i have a great idea and i been thinking about this for 3 years now, i have wrote some parts of it, but i can’t write a end and since i started with college i have no time to write anymore, i hope i will finish my story one day =)

learn to draw

I love to draw and i don’t suck at it, but i would like to learn more skills. but i can’t find anytime to draw lately, i hope that i would make any time to learn more skills in drawing

find a best friend

Hey guys, i’m looking for a best friend/good friend just someone nice who would like to get to know me and would let me get to know you. I don’t mind where you from, any where is prefect. I’m from the netherlands, anyone interested send me a messenger =) hope to hear from someone soon


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