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Lose 30 pounds (read all 19 entries…)
Slow week (180.5 down 12.5 lbs)

This week seemed to go well, but the scales only went down 1 lb. Could be a measurement error or something else, so not going to worry about it. It’s still down.

Lose 30 pounds (read all 19 entries…)
Another good week, bad weekend (181.5, down 11.5 lbs)

I was very strict in the week and ok on Saturday, but then had a very large lunch on Sunday. Friends were over and my wife’s banoffee pie kept jumping into my mouth.

But, 2 lbs off is good so I got a bit lucky.

Also nice to be below my “wedding weight”, which was 11 years ago. Off to New York for a week in two weeks time, so I would like to get to 178 or so by then.

Lose 30 pounds (read all 19 entries…)
Good week, bad weekend (183.5 down 9.5 lbs)

Had a great week eating well and lightly, but then blew it a bit at the weekend. Started badly when I realised I had a work breakfast and work lunch on Friday, but had a light dinner to compensate. But then my wife made a very nice chocolate tart which was hard to resist. A strict day yesterday has unwound some of the weekend badness, and I lost 3 lbs over the last 8 days which is pretty surprising. Would like to get under 182 by nxet Tuesday, which was the weight I got married at (11 years ago).

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