is trying to get all motivated and such! :)

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  1. 1. learn yoga
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  2. 2. be good to my boyfriend
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  3. 3. be vegetarian
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  4. 4. be skinnier
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  5. 5. be nicer to everyone
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  6. 6. get a part-time job
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  7. 7. be more confident
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  8. 8. be more positive
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  9. 9. lose 30lbs
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  10. 10. stop wasting time
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stop wasting time
It's not like I have nothing better to do!

I’m such a lazy pie! At any given moment there are probably about three things I SHOULD be doing – important things like work for uni,errands I’m supposed to do, housework that needs done. I just never seem to find the motivation because I’m always procrastinating. It’s time I got rid of the horrible nagging feeling that I should be doing something productive and just go DO IT. If I manage that, I KNOW my life will be way less stressful. Wish me luck :)

be good to my boyfriend
He deserves it :)

Nobody else in the world would put up with me for three years. Gosh I love him :)

Be skinnier
I'm more confident when I'm thinner

I need to lose about 30lbs so I can look my best again. Stupid chubby thighs! sigh

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