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  1. 1. Learn another language
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  2. 2. Improve my posture
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  3. 3. see the northern lights
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  4. 4. Stop comparing myself to other people
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  5. 5. Kiss in the rain
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  6. 6. Grow my hair out
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  7. 7. join a sorority
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  8. 8. Stop picking my lips
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Stop picking my lips

I have had this problem for about 5 years now, since 8th grade! Every day I would pick all the skin off my bottom lip and the little part of the top lip that sticks out. I would do this until it bled, but then got more subtle with it, getting my fingers at specific layers. Now if I leave my lips alone for a few days, the skin will grow back all hard and gross so that I will bite/peel/pick do whatever to make them feel somewhat normal again. It’s totally gross and I can’t stop. The sad thing is, being large and Angelina Jolie-y, my lips would be my favorite feature if not for this disorder. And chapstick, in my experience, only makes it worse!

join a sorority

Me? Sorority girl? Yeah right. That has always been my attitude up until this point. The more I think about it though, the more I want it, especially with my boyfriend in a frat. I’m not quite sure if I fit into that crowd though (which I am proud of, to an extent). Anyway, we will see how it goes come rush time.

Grow my hair out

I think this goal goes with one of Never Listening to My Mother’s Hair Advice Again! Boy does it always end in disaster.

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