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List down my favorite songs of all time
I had a huge list, but I narrowed it down to 13

Third Eye Blind // Never Let You Go
Goo Goo Dolls // Iris
Eve 6 // Here’s To The Night
Annie Lennox // Into The West
Enigma // T.N.T. For The Brain
Daniel Bedingfield // If You’re Not The One
Garbage // Push It
Johnny Hates Jazz // Shattered Dreams
Sarah McLachlan // Angel
Creed // With Arms Wide Open
Aerosmith // Janie’s Got A Gun
Nirvana // Smells Like Teen Spirit
Queen // Fat-Bottomed Girls

get a puppy
Nothing as cute

My heart melts whenever I see this picture; this is my (now-gone) puppy Lexie, with my (also now-gone) kitty Cielo.

Become a vegetarian

For me, being a vegetarian isn’t about the animals or mad cow; it’s about being healthy, not just in the body but in the mind too. I was a vegetarian for a while, but it’s hard when your family is not, so I’ve kinda drifted away. As soon as I move out, I’ll be a vegetarian again.

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