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I want to Write Letters
The art of letter writing

The art of letter writing seems to have died. I want to take time each week to write a letter to either friends or family.

I love getting mail that is not a bill in my mailbox and I would love to pass that gift on to my friends and family and hopefully reignite the practice of sending a letter to friends and family. Letter people know that you care about them in more than a two second email.


I want to Be Grateful
Constant state of gratitude

I want to be in a “constant” state of gratitude….

I want to Do My Hair and Makeup everyday
Wore make-up to work!

I have worn make-up to work everyday this week YAY!

It’s so easy with mineral make-up.

I think that I’m going to be relatively sucessful with this goal.

I just need to get in the swing of learning how to do more with my hair than running a comb through it!

Baby Steps, Baby Steps.

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