Time to get back to practicing Swedish.

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become fluent in another language (read all 2 entries…)

Hopefully this isn’t a decision I’ll regret. I figured I could learn Swedish faster than Japanese… you know, save the hardest for last.

become fluent in another language (read all 2 entries…)
Oh no, a decision!

For a while I’ve wanted to learn Swedish considering I want to visit Sweden and Finland in the near future, but mom brought up somewhat of a good point the other day: Since I’m going into business (?!), I should start with Japanese instead. I did, someday, want to visit Japan, therefore Japanese would have been my second choice.
I wanted to start with something “easy” to boost my confidence, therefore I wanted to learn Swedish first :DD hah! Japanese, with all those symbols, looks very complicated! And I hear sentence structure is very different from other languages.
Rosetta Stone is having a Father’s Day sale so I could get $100 off the 3 sets, but I can’t decide which one to buy!

surf in fiji (read all 2 entries…)
Money, money, money... mostly guessing

As of right now, plane tickets range from $1900-$3000+. Let’s estimate a new board at $300, found a $66/night hotel (my plan of 10 days is probably out the window…), so we’re looking at a $3000 to possibly $4000 trip for me alone. Yikes!

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