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  1. 1. take a tai chi class
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  2. 2. learn welding
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  3. 3. make more friends
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  4. 4. forgive myself
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  5. 5. learn how to let go
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  6. 6. start meditating again
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  7. 7. stop coloring my hair
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  8. 8. get a massage
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  9. 9. go up in a hot air balloon
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  10. 10. spend time outdoors every day
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  11. 11. go on retreat
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  12. 12. pay off my credit cards
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  13. 13. be on time
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  14. 14. make jewelry again
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  15. 15. finish my 4th step
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  16. 16. re-do my bathroom
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  17. 17. eat less processed food
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Spend time outdoors every day.

I took an hour long walk at the beach yesterday, and it was awesome!

pay off my credit cards

I emailed a credit counselling company that a friend of mine had used. Unfortunately they are not licensed in my state. Will keep trying.

Take a tai chi class

I used to teach tai chi as an assistant about 10 years ago. I was doing about 3 hours / day (includig warm ups) and I was in great shape! However I’m back in the real working world now, so am trying to fit something in. I’ve put on some weight plus my energy isn’t what it used to be. I’ve joined a gym but its not as much fun and I’m having a hard motivating myself to go. I’m going to start looking at flyers in the health food store here in town for starters. I’ve done yang style in the past, has anyone had any experience with the other forms?

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