in the process of rehabing home. already had the home rewired

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  1. 1. Understand my teenage step daughter
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  2. 2. eat healthier
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  3. 3. excersize
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  4. 4. re hab my old home
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  5. 5. stop cursing so much
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  6. 6. pay off debts
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  8. 8. Spend more time with my Boxer
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rewire my house
Costly and time consuming

I never thought it would cost so much especially doing our own work. Following the codes and making sure we were doing it right was stressful. At the end I must say I am proud of our work. It was well worth it all. Especially since it was done OUR way.

re hab my old home
house fire

The house I was raised in caught fire a couple years ago. My mother never kept up the fire insurance. Now she lives with my younger sister. Since I am making major changes in my life, one of the changes is relocating and fixing her home. I need to rehab the house and get it rewired for starters. I am starting in a few weeks. Shopping for the better deals with renting a dumpster to gut the house first.

pay off debts
Cleaning up bad credit history

I have made some very poor choices in my time. From over charging credit cards to co signing for a 7 series BMW that was repossesed. My credit is shot. I am making major life style changes in order to clean my credit. My son will be heading to college and this is my time to DOWNSIZE and take the extra cash to repay debt…This is my first stradegy.


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