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Celtic Christian

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Do NaNoWriMo 2013 (read all 13 entries…)
Day 2

Turns out I got in more writing today than I expected as a had a large window of time when my girlfriend needed to study for the class that she is taking. So as of the end of day 2 my word count is up to 5,906. Yes that’s right I am over a day ahead of the target pace of 1,667 words a day so I could take tomorrow and not fall behind schedule.

Do NaNoWriMo 2013 (read all 13 entries…)
Day 1

So far so good as on my first day I’ve already written 3,321 words, especially since one needs to average 1,667 words a day in order to finish on time. Also important for me to be ahead as I will be visiting my girlfriend tomorrow so I doubt that I will have much time for writing but I will hopefully be able to get in a little tomorrow, even if it is simply outlining on an index card of future ideas to expand the following day in my writing.

bake Russian black bread (read all 3 entries…)
here rye rye rye? Where have you gotten off to?

I can’t believe it I’ve been to 2 different grocery store chains and a Super Walmart and I have yet to have found any place that has rye flour. I would ideally like to use dark rye flour but at this point I can’t even find light rye flour anywhere in my area. This weekend I’ll have to check the grocery store of a different chain by my girlfriend’s place and if they don’t have it I might have to give up on this goal until I am able to locate rye flour.

Do NaNoWriMo 2013 (read all 13 entries…)
time to focus

Strictly speaking I will be a NaNoWriMo rebel again this time just like a few years ago when I wrote a collection of short stories instead of a novel. This time around I will be writing chapters of a book that I am working on for a non-fiction book. So just like any non-fiction book the chapters can often not only be read but also written out of order as they have a set beginning, middle and end and can often function as a magazine article or as a collection of similar articles bookmarked with an introduction and conclusion chapter into a book. I will likely also be writing a few short stories that I have been playing around with the ideas of in my mind for the past year but kept on putting off as I did not feel ready to write them yet. So now would be the time to do so as NaNoWriMo is not about perfection but about having a a rough draft as a crappy rough draft is worth a lot more than a perfect idea that is still imprisoned within your mind.

post random questions daily and see if anyone plays with me and answers them :) (read all 185 entries…)

NaNaWriMo or National Novel Writing Month of write 50,000 words for a work (or collection of works) during the month of November.

Is anybody doing it this year?

Have you ever done it before?

If so were you successful?

post random questions daily and see if anyone plays with me and answers them :) (read all 185 entries…)

What was the biggest computer problem (or disaster) that you ever encountered and how bad was it?

Do you keep a regular backup of your critical computer files?

Have you ever been saved by your backup when you had to use it to restore what would have lost without it?

get rid of fifty books (read all 5 entries…)
2 boxes worth

Did not bother to count and it is technically redirected but I got rid of them for practical purposes. They were boxes of books that were sitting in my room that my family thought I should have from my grandfather’s house when he moved into an assisted living community. I picked out the few books that I had interest in and got the rest moved to a junk room where a large part of his house now rests, as just because they are unwilling to get rid of most of his house (or the things he did not care enough about to move into his new apartment) that does not mean that I need to keep it.

Post regular weight updates until I reach and maintain my goal weight for at least a year (read all 72 entries…)
Saturday October 26, 2013

Current Weight: 280 pounds
Lost This Week: 0 pounds
Total Lost: 12 pounds
Starting Weight: 292 pounds

Held steady so it was a good week as far as I’m concerned. I also realized how close I am to a major millstone depending upon how much merit one gives the flawed BMI system. Anyway once I lose 2 more pounds I will no longer be morbidly obese but only obese. I know it likely sounds a bit crazy to get excited about almost being obese again but don’t worry as then my next goal will be to become overweight so that I can more forward to becoming normal, which would be wonderful if I could reach when I’m still in my 30s.

read at least 30 books in 2013 (read all 52 entries…)

No Stress Guide To Organizing Your Home In 7 Days by Eva Solomon

I am very glad that this was a free Kindle book at the time that I got it as it was more of a comedy book in my opinion. Beyond the obvious truth that it is impossible to clean and organize a house that is filled with trash and clutter the rest was more of a comedy of crazy ways to consider cleaning it up really fast.

Live well with Asperger's Syndrome
a beginning

I’ve known for around a year that I have Asperger’s Syndrome in the sense of being able to officially put a name to it. Yet as of a few minutes ago less than ten people total knew, most of which were family members. Yet the more that I realize, like it or not it is something that I need to more openly face as it gives me a more unique set of strengths and weaknesses compared to most people.

finish all the tea on my tea shelf (read all 27 entries…)
2006 Mengku Imperial Ripe Puerh

Tonight I finished the last of my 2006 Mengku Imperial ripe puerh, which was one of the teas that actually inspired this goal. A few years ago my favorite online tea shop had this one and I got a cake of it and count it to be one of the most amazing teas that I had ever tasted and immediately ordered a few more cakes. And later on I bought even more of it as they say with puerh that it improves with age so if you find something you really like to buy as much of it as you can afford when you can or you might not be able to find it again. Problem was the bit about puerh becoming better with age is not always the case when it comes to ripe puerh. True what I finished tonight was not a bad puerh, but it had degraded over the years from being a really amazing puerh with a very aromatic mellow flavor to a more generic decent ripe puerh. The most frustrating thing is that I was using this tea as a special occasion tea which I never drank so most of this amazing tea wasted away in my closet only to be drunk when it was just a decent puerh over the past few months out of fear that it may degrade even further. So from now on whenever I find any more amazing puerh I aim to drink it at least weekly if not more often and when it comes to buying extra to buy at most what I can see myself drinking within the next year.

bake Russian black bread (read all 3 entries…)
step one

At the moment I’m trying to track down an authentic Russian black bread recipe in the traditional sense when it was looked down upon by the rich as the bread of the poor. Thus I know for a fact that most of the modern recipes that I can easily find online are not the original version as they call for not only white wheat flour but also coffee and cocoa, all of which were luxury foods that were beyond the ability of the poor to afford. Also according to Wikipedia black bread is a common term for straight rye breads that do not make use of other grains. If anybody has some good pointers I’m welcome for any input and recipes, otherwise I will continue to research and I’ll post the findings to 43T.

post random questions daily and see if anyone plays with me and answers them :) (read all 185 entries…)
Saving Money

The other side of gottawonder’s question.

What are the ways that you use to save money by cutting your costs?

Where is the line that you draw as being too extreme to be wroth the effort to save money?

Read Chekhov's short stories
good progress

This is something that I’ve been doing from time to time when I want a break from what I’m reading. Anton Chekhov wrote 201 short stories, which I’ve been reading in chronological order that he wrote them in. Tonight I read a few more with the last one being 85. Of course this is not counting the few that I read before and really loved that I will be reading. A lot of them come off to me as hit or miss but then again I do struggle with some of them when it comes to Russian culture in his era. Regardless there is enough really good timeless ones that are really good that make reading through the duds worthwhile to find them.

learn grep (read all 4 entries…)

I think it is safe to say that I know know grep or at least enough grep to get done what I need to get done. The most exciting thing is the rate that it has accelerated the progress on my commonplace book project as I’ve literally made more progress in the last 48 hours than I have in the last 4 months when it comes to processing info scraps into my commonplace book file. Regardless I am now glad that I held off on getting started so long as the reason behind my procrastination was not being fully satisfied with the system that I came up with but unsure of the best way to improve it. It also looks like my procrastination was not really procrastination but patience according to Nikola Tesla:

“That is the trouble with many inventors; they lack patience. They lack the willingness to work a thing out slowly and clearly and sharply in their mind, so that they can actually ‘feel it work.’ They want to try their first idea right off; and the result is they use up lots of money and lots of good material, only to find eventually that they are working in the wrong direction. We all make mistakes, and it is better to make them before we begin.” ~ Nikola Tesla

post random questions daily and see if anyone plays with me and answers them :) (read all 185 entries…)
big things

What is the biggest thing that you want to try to accomplish before the end of the year?

Any idea on the biggest thing that you want to try to accomplish next year? If so what is it?

Post regular weight updates until I reach and maintain my goal weight for at least a year (read all 72 entries…)
Friday October 18, 2013

Current Weight: 280 pounds
Lost This Week: 2.5 pounds
Total Lost: 12 pounds
Starting Weight: 292 pounds

In case you did not notice, I did not post an update last week. That was deliberate because I had been sick for most of the week with a really bad sore throat that made it virtually impossible to eat for a few days. So I knew that I had lost weight but I did not want to be discouraged by “regaining my sick weight” so I deliberately stayed off the scale for a week to allow things to get back to normal.

learn grep (read all 4 entries…)
I think I'm getting it

I’ve been experimenting with grep in Cygwin and I’ve already learned enough to confirm that my basic idea behind wanting to learn grep has merit. I know it is possible to do more complicated regular expressions to for it but I think I’ve finally found a more future proof implementation for my commonplace book project that I’ve been struggling with using grep. Having tags with each quote on a single line will be able to allow me to easily use grep to produce a sub file of every quote on the topic of interest. For example (grep ”#Time” commonplacebook.txt > time.txt) will create a text file called time which will contain all of my commonplace entries that deal with time management and the value of time. Of course later on once I learn more about grep I might be able to do even more complicated searches such as only include the combination of certain combination of tags or to the exclusion of certain ones like “C. S. Lewis” and #Time on the same line which would give only C. S. Lewis quotes that are related to time.

post random questions daily and see if anyone plays with me and answers them :) (read all 185 entries…)
cheer overload

Lately when I’ve been spending time on neighborhood watch I’ve been finding it harder and harder to find good places to send all of the extra bonus cheers. So ….

Why should I consider targeting you for a massive cheer bombing when I have more cheers than I know what to do with?

learn grep (read all 4 entries…)
OS dependent

I’ve since learned that true grep is only in Unix/Linux but for more simple features there is a Windows version in the form of the Search+ plugin for Notepad++ which is nice since it is my primary text editor/word processor replacement in Windows. For true grep it is possible to get it via Cygwin in Windows which is a basic Unix sandbox designed to run in Windows. Both of which are likely good things as lately I’ve realized that at this time Linux is adding more complexity to my computing so I’m better off focusing upon getting work done in Windows where I do not have to mess around with my tools as much to get them to work.

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