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  1. 1. Swim with dolphins
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  2. 2. Visit Paris again
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  3. 3. Quit smoking
    9,314 people
  4. 4. Get in shape
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  5. 5. Find the big love in life
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  6. 6. go to london
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  7. 7. See killer whales in wild
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  8. 8. go to australia
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  9. 9. Speak more spanish
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  10. 10. learn to dance
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  11. 11. Get a tattoo whit my daughters name
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Study Spanish in Spain.

I went down to Spain all by myself, it was a bit skary at first but then I reaslised that I had my chance to do what I wanted, talk to anyone I wanted and just take care of myself and enjoy my time. I lived in alicante for 3months and I got to know al these amasing people from all over the world and I Love them and Miss them all. Thanks for an great time hope to meet you all again! Specialy you Mina from Serbia!

take a ride on a jetski
Loved it!

I saw the jetskiĀ“s laying on the beech for 10 days and one day i couldent resist. The waves were high but i jumpt on the jetski and went of out on the blue :-) and i LOVED IT!
The power of the mashine, the saltwater splashing up in my eyes, the high waves making the jetski leave the sea and spend a few moments in weghtlessness, awsome!
My body was chaking after it and my knee hurt a bit but it was greatfun and I have to do it again :-)


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