Record an album

paranoid, the band im in are currently working on an album, if anyones got any advice about good record companies to send it to, please contact me.

be a legend

my mate told me i was a legend 2day… it made me feel special

sleep with ville valo under the stars

lol, that would be really romantic… i wish it could happen!!!!
lol maybe one day i’ll meet him…

I want to see the used, my chemical romance, Taking Back sunday, Afi and HIM all in one concert

now this sounds like my kinda concert… put Bullet For My Valentine in and i wud probs b in heaven…

smoke some cigarettes with johnny depp

Fuck smoking fags, more like get high, get drunk, and play guitar with Johnny Depp is more like my idea of fun! :P

meet johnny depp

Fuck, Johnny Depp is Hawt…

Make Our Band Sucessful
Sucessful Band

I want our band (Paranoid) to be sucessful, not money making, but good enough to play alongside legends like HIM, Lostprophets etc.



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