just figrued out how to change my status after all this time.

paint more often
I bought canvas but haven't started painting...

... I think I’m too concerned with not doing it “right” to start.

go to gym more frequently
I hired personal trainers

I must say it’s cardio, not weight training, that helps me get the best weight loss so training didn’t necessarily shave off the pounds. However, I did lose 21 pounds total, and they definitely helped me be accountable for getting my butt into the gym every day. Now, I have to get myself in gear.

be a better employee
I just got the team member of the month award!!!

And promptly ran to the bathroom to cry.

Spend less time fooling around on the net and more time actually working
I became an Social Media Coordinator for ActionCOACH Business Coaching

Now my job is doing all the online things I love and it counts as “actually working!”

make money online
I'm a social media coordinator:)

I get paid to YouTube and MySpace:)

Work in journalism for a year
Met tons of celebs

Now I work in social media marketing, but as a (student) journalist, I did a mega celebrity red carpet, met former president Bill Clinton, interviewed an openly gay WNBA athlete and worked in print, television, radio and online.

Make new friends
One is silver, the other is gold

New friends take more effort and the return on the investment varies.

spend less, save more
Skip the social

Man, not going out for lunch with the coworkers is isolating, but it beats spending at least $200/month!

learn how to prepare 10 excellent meals
Hits and misses

So far, I’ve made jerk catfish on cinnamon kabobs, nutmeg macaroni and cheese, plus some brownies from a box. Things are coming along pretty well. Next I’ll be dabbling in more African food to surpris e my Sudanese boyfriend.

write an application on Rails
What is Rails?

I put this on my to-do list just so I can know what it is. It might be important, might not.



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