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  1. 1. learn Japanese
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  2. 2. stop feeling lonely
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  3. 3. lose weight
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  4. 4. study abroad
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  5. 5. shave my head
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  6. 6. go bald
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  7. 7. make weed brownies
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  8. 8. Go Overseas
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  9. 9. decide what the hell I would like to do with the rest of my life
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  10. 10. Shave my hair
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  11. 11. be a bartender
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be a bartender (read all 2 entries…)
Applied for the RSA course

....applied for the RSA this saturday. There is a bar next to my friend’s work that is looking for bartenders. Perhaps i can scab a job there =) Though it is in the city and therefore full of impatient arrogant bums o.O

be a bartender (read all 2 entries…)
One of the part time jobs i'd like....

while i’m at university plus it can help me with finding a job overseas in the future. Ugh it’s easy to get a job in bartending without experience here but my problem is travel =/ I really need to get my license first…then my RSA….then i’m set :)

The most experience i have with serving alchohol is when i was a waitress. That hardly counts

shave my head (read all 2 entries…)
Warned the Rents + Visited the wig shop

It went down really bad with my mother…I decided to sign up for World’s Greatest Shave and my mother went SKITS! My sister is still trying to pursuade me not to because by the time i do it, there is going to be a LOT of drama at home.

I come from a super conservative family where my friend (who is a girl) with short hair is not very well received by my mother. So when she heard my plan…oh god…she went manic and will if i end up doing it, it is going to be really bad and drama filled for a few weeks but at the same time i don’t want to be held back from doing things like this…is that selfish?

I also went to the wig shop close to my university and i must say i was surprised. The wigs look good and they are actually pretty tightly applied to the head. I’ve never tried on a proper wig so it turned out to be pretty okay …

I think I’m ready to do it =D….

I really REALLY want to just do it at random on the way home or during a university break xD But i’ve been holding back.

I’m excited to move on with my life and to change my physical ^^

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