get into photography

i have always loved photography…do anybody know what type of camera is the best and how much it cost?

have a job (read all 2 entries…)
crossing fingers

today i applied to tjmaxx and burger king
now all i have to do is wait on a phone call, but i will still search for more job opportunities

have a job (read all 2 entries…)
Its hard

Its seems like everyone is getting a job except me! I need a job for senior expenses when august hit. Im going to apply to tjmaxx today and see what happens

lose weight
A little info

Im 4’11 120 lbs my goal is to be at least 105 lbs. I just want to look good for my senior year of high school next year. Tomorrow marks my journey

Get drivers license
Wanna pass

July 1 would mark one year i had my permit so sometime in july i want to take the test… Hopefully i pass

grow out my relaxer and have natural hair
Confused : (

I am sixteen about to be 17 soon and everytime i tell someone i want to go natural there is always a negative comment but im tired of relaxers, scalp burns, and not being able to stratch my head before a relaxer. I go to the gym a lot and i dont want to worry about ” sweating out the perm”...i just dont know what to do!

learn how to play the guitar
Saving up

I want to save up for one. How much do they cost? Which is better electric or acoustic? Someone help please!

live in california
It sucks

Im almost 17 so I can’t move there yet :(...I don’t know what area to move to though i just know that I am tired of florida!



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