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audition for tyler perry

Hello Mr Tyler Perry,

First I Would like to say I truly thank GOD FOR YOU! the master put everything he needed in you Sir for u to be a light to and hope to so many. I MET U YEARS AGO when u did a play here in Fayetteville nc I WAS IN A PLAY THE WEEK BEFORE with Mr Garrett Davis “If loving u is wrong” Featureing Mr Freddie Jackson I PLAYED (TRACY) i was a little bigger lol a divorce will do that to ya! look very different now though. it was my first time acting ( I never had did it before ) I thought i was going to get to sing because that is the gift that god gave me …but i found out i could act a little to lol. .. I ALSO USED to sing with Denver Wright and the Collectives we did the song with Tony Terry “if ur gonna worry dont pray” i worked with Mr ‘REESE” ROGER HE USED TO BE KURT KARR’S MUSIC DIRECTOR NOW HE PLAYS FOR BISHOP BLOOMER I HAVE DONE MUSIC for BISHOP T.D. Jakes for some of his mega fest ONLY HE DID NOT KNOW IT WAS ME Reese did not tell him I also WORKED WITH JOHN LEDGEN FOR 4 YEARS when he was at bethel a.m.e. in scranton Pa and i have the proof to back this up … I WENT TO THE Same chuch as whithney houston she was “nippy” to me though in newark sung on the choir with her i guess what im saying is i have know all these peole but because of what ever was going on in my life at the time i either could not or was not given the proper chance to show what i have to offer or tell my story but i would really like to audition for one of ur plays or even talk with u about a play that i had in mind about my life i was told i need to write a book about it I AM SURE IF U HEAR MY STORY U MIGHT BE INTERESTED .. ITS ironic but its true my life story .. Mr perry it is so hard going through life with the issues that i have about my personal life the adverage person would not have made it but I have been blessed with 3 beautiful children and they r my life they r the only 3 on this whole wide world that i know of with my BLOOD running threw there veins ….i dont know anyone else u see i was abandoned at 2 weeks old sir but god gave me something he blessed me with a voice and i have the proof for EVERYTHING I HAVE SAID im not trying to get ur symthany I Am JUST saying God keep me here for 46 years so oneday i can sing and tell my story …and maybe meet my Natural family and FINALLY KNOW WHERE AND WHO I COME FROM Mr Perry and i KNOW GOD LEFT ME HERE FOR A REASON my name is Mrs christine a legette it was ‘MCLEAN” IN the play ON OF UR PEOPLE GAVE ME A NUMBER TO CALL BUT I LOST MY PHONE THAT SAME NIGHT I was SICK FOR MONTHS about that …but then i reliazed it was not time u see i was going threw a divorce at the time so god knew best….MR Perry I JUST NEED SOMEONE TO LISTEN TO MY STORY AND LISTEN TO ME… i mean really listen i heard u tell ur story of ur life and how u pulled threw i beleive if u ever heard mine u would think it play worthy Mr Perry i dont know if u personally read this note or someone else does but PLEASE! if it is u or someone else please take a chance from a a women who started out as a prouduct that someone did not want who grew up to be a women of GOD! in spite OF EVERYTHING! i have been through …which i will go into in detail if GOD shows favor on me ..who know if i ever get my big break maybe my family will find me that something i would like before i close my eyes forever:) may god bless and keep u Mr Perry


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