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run my first 5k
No more excuses

I have an exercise and eating plan all set up for the next 90 days. Running won’t begin until later, when I can get outside, but in the meantime, Pilates and treadmill should serve me well. My place of employment is sponsoring a 5k this spring, though I’d much rather do Run for Your Lives!

I just need to make time and be consistent.

learn to speak fluent French

I’m actually working on this right now. Duolingo (the app) has been immensely helpful. It manages to game-ify the process, and there isn’t much hand-holding. Still, I only really consider it a first step. It’s helping me to figure out where my weakest areas are, post high-school French. (My teachers were largely absent, and my training stunted as a result.) Also, reflexive verbs hate me. Ha!

Still, once I hit a certain point in my understanding, I think I’m going to look into Skype, a la “Speak from Day One.” I get really nervous and embarrassed about screwing up when I’m speaking to others…and then I remember that people do this with English every day.

It’s a matter of privilege that we take for granted, but learning a new language is useful for so much more than the words themselves. It helps forge connections between people. It connects cultures. It encourages us to be vulnerable and open to the world around us. I think that I’ll take the embarrassment for that.

Go skydiving
This summer

Even though I’ve been putting this off for a long time, this could be just what I need, this summer. I already have a vacation planned, and it might be even more satisfying to skydive in the Turks and Caicos islands than in my hometown. Plus, I’ll have to watch my savings this year, but this adventure would be reasonable if I plan for it in advance. Time to start researching!

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