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  1. 1. china
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  2. 2. Adopt a baby daughter from China
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  3. 3. adopt china
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  4. 4. raise a family
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  5. 5. buy a hot tub
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  6. 6. go and watch snooker
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  7. 7. go to the snooker world championships
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  8. 8. go to vietnam
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  9. 9. adopt a baby from china
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  10. 10. loose 15 pounds
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Adopt a baby from China (read all 4 entries…)
Adopt from China

Our paperwork was delayed because our adoption agency “forgot” to ask us for CRB checks from Spain!!!!! This is now underway and our dossier sits in the DCFS waiting for all this new paperwork to be completed, because it has all taken so long our medicals have gone out of date and need doing again, more time to wait around.

Our yearly review is now due and the costs for this have gone up 350% in last year’s prices, as we are ICA adopters we just have to roll over and hand the money without any guarantess of becoming parents.

The whole adoption system in the UK for ICA adopters is a disgrace and it is about time parents were treated with some respect and sympathy where problems arise, there are many walls along this long and bumpy road and all adoptive parents should get support from their respective adoption agencies.

I hope one day this journey will end with joy and wonder.

take a vacation
Woo hooo holiday season

Well we finally got a hotel booked, right at the last minute too!

We leave tomorrow morning to drop off the cats at the cattery before heading off to luxury for 4 days – I can’t wait – we sooooo need a holiday :)

update my wardrobe

I did a rummage in H&M and came back with €100s worth of new gear, I was so happy when I got home and it was lovely trying it all on with what I already have. I would recommend a splurge to anyone :)

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